Sunday, February 19, 2012

Singer girl

Just some things about my big girl Liv. Its been so long since I've blogged, I wish I could have done this in a more creative way, but instead I just had to put it all out there quickly so I don't forget.

playing dress up in mommy's heels
When I say "I love you, Olivia"
She'll always reply "I wuv a too Mama"

At night when we have cuddle time before bed I tell her "I love you SO much" and she'll say "sooo much" and sometimes I catch her saying "Mama uvs so much"

She gives us hugs and tells us she loves us on her own occasionally. When it does happen without prompting its seriously the. best. feeling.

When B gives me a hug or a kiss in front of her she used to get kind of mad and push me away from him, but now she'll come over and give me a hug too.

more dress up
She has been developing her very own imagination and can play pretty well on her own for good bits of time, though she prefers to have Mom or Dad in the room with her.

She still LOVES to sing and is living up to her nickname of singer girl. I absolutely love to hear her singing songs. She asks for me to sing songs to her while we rock in the rocking chair before bedtime, and then when I lay her down she sings herself to sleep. When I close the door behind me after tucking her in I stand and listen to hear her belting out the ABCs or "popcorn popping" or her all time fave "wheels on the bus".

We've come up with our own parts to wheels on the bus (ie the grammy's on the bus say "I love you", the doggie's on the bus say "ruff ruff ruff", etc) Now she comes up with her very own phrases and will sing all day. Like when I was making her a pb&j sandwich she started singing "the mommy's on a bus say here's some nummies, here's some nummies..." or when I was changing her diaper and she wanted some diaper rash cream (which we call bum bum medicine, haha) I told her I would have to go find it and she started singing, "the mommy's on a bus say I fine a mesin, I fine a mesin..." {I fine mesin = I'll find the medicine} or when I got home from work after 6, and B was already gone to his EMT class and she wanted me to play with her, I had to tell her that I needed to eat dinner because baby sister was hungry, she said okay and started playing with the magnetic letters on the fridge and singing, "the mommy's on a bus say she's eatin dinner, she's eatin dinner..." I'm laughing in my head all day long, and I absolutely love seeing her imagination work.

at the pet shop
Speaking of imagination, she will play with her stuffed doggies all day, and loves to tuck them in, sing songs to them, feed them, all the things that most little girls do with their dollies she does with her doggies. She has me swaddle them and then carries them around like babies and is so tender and gentle with them. She occasionally plays with her baby doll, but isn't nearly as gentle or cuddly with it. Its so funny! She loves real babies but is still more of a puppy girl than a dolly girl. I wonder if that will change when baby sister gets here? Or if she'll quickly grow uninterested and go back to playing with her puppies. Its the cutest thing in the world to take her to the pet shop. She. goes. crazy. She liked the most rambunctious puppy the best (it was a bulldog) and was literally running back and forth along the window with the puppy and giggling and spinning and jumping! Then when another child came over she held out her hand in a stop sign and said "no, this Livy's doggy".

She loves to talk about "baby sisser" and I've tried on many occasions to have her feel the baby move, but every time she gets her hand on there, sister stops kicking, and the moment her hand is off sister starts again, so she still hasn't felt her.

The other night when I was rocking her in her rocking chair, I had just gotten finished singing "I am a child of God" as per her request, and she all the sudden sat up and said "kick". I was so confused as to what she was talking about, and then realized she had her hand on my tummy and was trying to feel baby sister. I love when she talks about her sister all on her own without any prompting or reminding from me.

I'm anticipating Olivia having a hard time with the new baby because she gets a lot of attention from us. I wonder how she'll take it and I'm starting feel nervous about dividing my attention between the 2 of them. My mom gave me some pacifiers for the new baby, and Olivia found them and put one in her mouth (she NEVER used pacis when she was a baby so why all the sudden she wants it now is frustrating to me). I told her thats for baby sister, and big girls don't really use those, just babies. She started to cry and I felt sad that this whole conversation will be happening a lot more often. I'm thinking we're going to have to start doing daddy-daughter and mommy-daughter dates soon after baby gets here so she knows she is still very important.

We think she's the bees knees. She knows all her abc's and sings 3 different versions of the abc song. She also knows the sound each letter makes (and has since her 2nd b-day about 6 months ago), her colors, shapes, can count to 20, and knows that 'aeiou' are vowels (but I don't think she knows what vowels are).

Grammy giving Liv a peek over the fence to see the dogs next door
She knows all the words to several songs, but mixes up some of the phrases. Like in the traditional abc song at the end she says "now I know my abc's, next time know my abc's". We thought that was hilarious when we first heard her sing it because it seems like she's saying "I know my abcs and next time I'll still know my abc's". When she sings twinkle twinkle little star she says "like a Grandma Grandma sky" instead of "like a diamond in the sky". Maybe its because Grandma's are a girl's best friend :)


BradyH said...

haha...I love that Liv sings all day long! And I especially love that she makes up her own words."the dada on the bus says b'careful livvy, b'careful livvy..." :)

Kendra said...

She is so dang cute! I love all these little things you've written about her. Such a doll. And I totally get what you mean about worrying about when the second baby comes. I mean, I'm hardly pregnant at all, so I have time, but Owen is a total mama's boy and I can see him getting very jealous. I'm also worried about my own feelings about having to split my time. I love every minute with Owen right now. But I'm sure it will all work out. Right? That's what we have to tell ourselves. Otherwise all people would be only children...and that would be a shame!

Kris and Megan said...

I love her, what a cute cute girl. I agree, when they say they love you it is the best feeling in the world!!