Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentine's party and standing your ground

We made some Valentine's this year for the Valentine's Day party with Liv's playgroup.
It was more fun for me I think. She was nervous about me breaking all the crayons, and then just wanted to color :) I put the crayons on a 3 in circle of patterned pink card stock and wrote "Have a colorful Valentine's Day!". Very cheesy, but I loved making these little heart crayons and will definitely keep the idea tucked away for the future.

Side pony: check
Clifford doggie: check
Keys: check
Ready to party!

I think she had fun at her party. Its hard to tell sometimes with her. She has a hard time with large groups of loud kids that push her down and take all the swings. She's tender hearted like her Mama.

She still cries every time I drop her off at nursery, but she always gets super excited when I tell her we are going to play with kids. Hopefully by going to playgroup and nursery and playing with cousins, she's growing more accustomed to things like sharing and playing with others. I can't tell though because if I'm there she just wants to play with me. I've noticed when I've observed her in nursery, that she doesn't quite know how to stand her ground with the other kids. When a child grabs a toy out of her hand, or pushes her down for no reason, or hits her she is totally stunned and cries while other kids will just fight and push back. I'm happy that she doesn't respond by hitting or pushing back. As a mom I am always heartbroken for her because she has no idea why on earth someone would just be mean for no reason and I can tell it hurts her feelings. I can see it in her stunned face and eyes in the moments following, and then the tears fall. Its a hard thing to teach, standing your ground. Its not like I will ever just go and steal a toy from her or push her down at home, and she doesn't have siblings. I'm not really going anywhere with this, just recording the experience.


kjirsten said...

Awwwww, sweet Livvy. It is tough to watch your baby get pushed around. I remember my experience with Liam being EXACTLY the same. I think it's like that for the oldest . . . with no siblings(yet). I did what you're doing -- put him in situations with other kids, in hopes that he would figure it out. His next sibling didn't come for 5 years, but it does make a difference. Even though he didn't quite know how to defend himself . . . he figured out real quick how to defend his brother, and others (and later - himself). So don't fret Mama, Liv will be fine, especially since it'll only be 2 years between her and the baby. She'll get LOTS of experience with sharing, and fighting, and taking turns, etc. with her sister. ;) Love you.

AmyJ said...

Sweet girl! I love her hair! It's suddenly so long and so thick! I love those valentines! I SO wanted to make those ones with my kids, but they didn't want to (they were too cool or something, I don't know).

I used to get so sad (and MAD) when other kids were mean to mine too! I would get mad because I would put in so much effort to try to teach my kids to be nice and didn't understand why other parents didn't do the same, and it would really make my kids sad, heartbroken as well. But then came Bubba...who is not such a nice boy-despite all my efforts! So now I feel bad for judging those parents for not "making as much of an effort." I love your post. You're such a sweet Mama.

taryn said...

Kjirst- That does make me feel better, because Liam definitely knows how to stand up for himself and others and I love that about him.

Amy- That is a great point. Kids are kids and some are definitely more strong willed than others regardless of the parenting technique. In other words, its not always the parent's fault! I totally agree with you!