Thursday, March 8, 2012

random thoughts

I haven't been great at getting weekly photos of my progression. Usually its just when all of the sudden I
 think about it and drag B outside to take one (unless its too dark and we have to take it inside). 
So there is no rhyme or reason to the different amount of weeks between each photo.
I definitely feel like I got big faster this time around, but I expected that.
Also, I feel like I'm almost done! And I feel like I want to press a pause button because I'm no where near ready.
I know I still have 11 weeks left and to some that sounds like forever, but its not long enough!
We have a lot going on between now and then and I know its going to fly right by.
I think working and staying so busy has totally made this pregnancy zoom on by. There are still times I
 forget how far along I am. Last week was the first week at work that patients started openly asking if I 
was pregnant and when I was due before I had the chance to mention it in conversation. And I realized
 that I won't be there to clean my 3 month recall patients' teeth at their next appt. One patient was at the 
front desk scheduling her next appt and was trying to make sure it was a day I would be there, and even 
went so far as to schedule it a little early so she'd get in before my due date. That made me feel good :)

I'm also already getting sad to not be pregnant anymore. I think I'm unique in that way. 
I always hear people say that they hate being pregnant but I love it. 
Is it uncomfortable at times, yes. Is it hard for me to tie my shoes, yes. Do I have to pee every 2 seconds,
 yes, but I love having the baby safe in my stomach and getting to feel her move around and I know I'll miss it. 
I like having complete strangers be kind to me just because I'm pregnant. 
When people see me with Olivia and then see my stomach, they seem to get so excited for me and ask if
 this one is a boy or girl and how I'm feeling etc. Or in the grocery store when its so annoying because
 people just park their carts in the middle of the aisle and don't bother to move when they see you are
 coming and obviously need to get by (clearly this is a pet peeve of mine since I'm always so considerate 
and move my cart to the side!) but when I'm pregnant people actually say sorry and smile and move their
 blasted carts out of my way. Or when Olivia throws things out of the cart people run over to pick it up for
 me so I don't have to bend over. I guess I just like when people are nice.
And I feel like this pregnancy has been really great since I have never thrown up and I've been able to
 continue working without any problems or extra aches or pains and I'm grateful for that.

For the last 2 or 3 weeks the little one has been
 moving like crazy! I mean crazy! She moves all day while I'm cleaning teeth, and in the evening, and in the middle of the night.
When do you sleep little girl? I love love love it, and I love feeling her little hands and feet move across my stomach. 

I'm getting so excited to see Olivia and new baby girl together. I'm also kind of overwhelmed/stressed 
since I don't feel ready (as mentioned above). Mostly I feel so grateful and excited to meet this new little girl.


Kendra said...

Cute pictures! I wasn't very consistent taking pictures when I was pregnant with Owen. I hope to be better this time. Although let's be honest, I won't be starting at 12 weeks since I still have plenty of fat left over from Owen. ;) Anyway, my other thought is that I love being pregnant too. I hope I'll love it just as much this time. :)

Dallas - Jaycie - Ashton - Jaxon said...

Love the pictures! Such a cute pregnant momma :)
The last 11 weeks will certainly fly by, how exciting!

Tyler + Zahara said...

I can't believe your baby is almost here! Man that went fast ha .. So excited for you cutie :)

Amanda and KC said...

no surprise here... you look absolutely darling!! So excited for you!

danielle said...

Love your pics! You are so stylish! I also loved being preggo, people do seem to be extra nice and that is always nice. Do you have a name picked out?

Cate said...

We must be due right around the same time! Thank you for reminding me of all the wonderful things about being pregnant! You look wonderful!

and people are so much kinder! I kind of love that too!

Miranda Thompson said...

Love the pics! You are absolutely adorable pregnant. And, I still want to get together. Let's make that happen! I'm on Spring Break this week, so if you've got a day off, let me know :)

Carrie said...

you look cute sis! this last part IS going to fly by. good luck getting everything ready for the little one!

i absolutely love being pregnant too. there's just a different feeling in the air. i feel happier, anticipating something so huge. it's just exciting and like you said, people are always smiling and friendly. and i love the baby bump, too. even though it can be harder to get dressed, some outfits just look cuter with the baby bump. i missed that after i had penelope. but then, it's also so wonderful to finally meet that sweet baby that you've already fallen in love with.

Kris and Megan said...

I totally agree about being pregnant! I love it and love how people are so nice to you, and how special you feel! There is nothing like it, and I am already sad that I only get to experience it 2 more times (then we're done). Can't wait for baby girl 2!!!!!

caroline said...

I feel like it's flown by for you too! May really is just around the corner! I always liked working while being pregnant and the fun patient interaction it naturally provided (though sometimes annoying...'you look like you're due any day'-- didn't love that:) like you, I too loved being pregnant...but unlike you I am not a cute pregnant girl:) Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! So excited for you guys!

Anonymous said...

I never saw this post either. Sweet memories of our little love Scarlett. Hasn't she been such a gem. Olivia has been such a wonderful big sister!
You look so pretty in all your pictures Tare. I love the red dress especially :)

That Oregon family!