Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring is in full bloom

While B's Mom was in town we decided to stop at the Arboretum (its become our fave place to hang out). 
It was supposed to rain and it was chilly that morning, but we wanted to go anyway since we didn't know
 if we'd get another chance to go all together while she was here. 

It ended up not raining and being sunny and 75.
Plus the flowers were gorgeous! 
They were getting ready for Dallas Blooms and I'm wondering if the flowers bloomed early due to the
 warm weather we've been having. Anyway, we were practically the only people there which was kind of neat. 
I'm guessing no one wanted to come out in the supposed rain. Suckas!

Yeah....this happened again :) 

We ended a perfect afternoon with lunch at the cafe, while birds
 chirped and flew/hopped around us in hopes we would feed them all 
our bread. And Livy did :)


Anonymous said...

Oh happy day...I get to that gorgeous place and all of your wonderful family again! Didn't we have fun?
Miss you all and can't wait until the new sis joins us :)

Gma Debi

Anonymous said...

oops..." I get to SEE.."

Tyler + Zahara said...

gorgeous! Everytime I see pictures of Texas from your blog i get confused ha.. wheres the dessert and cowboys? But the stereotypes are obviously wrong, its beautiful! Or your a good photographer ha