Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring break staycation

If you don't know, B is taking a full semester of classes right now plus EMT class. He has classes M-S. Yep the S stands for Saturday. Can you say lame! He was really looking forward to Spring Break to have some relaxing days, but I was called by the temp agency because they always have several ofices needing help during spring break. We toyed with the idea of going on a real vacation (possibly to Oregon to visit B's family) and then ultimately decided that I should just pick up all the extra days I could since he would be here to take care of Liv. Wait, how did we get from vacation to me working everyday?! Can you say lame again? Okay not totally lame, I am actually really quite alright with working because I enjoy my job, but I was really sad to not be around when B was actually home! Plus I was hoping that if we didn't get to go on a trip I could finally get some of the nesting/cleaning/preparing done that I've been itching to do for baby Scarlett! So those were the only reasons I was a little sad about spring break meaning absolutely nothing to me.

As we talked we decided that B really did need some kind of vacation since he literally goes to school all week long, and with the nudging from my parents we opted for a staycation! My parents kept Liv, and we stayed at a hotel in Dallas across from the Galleria Mall in. The hotel had a modern vibe and was really cool and different than any place we've stayed before.

We ate lunch at Taco Diner, which I had never heard of and it was so delicious. 

Then shopped til we dropped and then we went and checked in at the hotel and dropped into the bed and napped for an hour. We're real party animals. Then immediately upon waking I ordered room service to satisfy my sweet tooth. Who knew that room service charges a delivery fee? Oops. It almost doubled the price of the dessert I ordered.

Then we walked across the street to the Galleria. Shopped more - you have to take advantage of no child and being able to actually browse and try on things, although wearing a dress and having to pull it over my head a million times wasn't the smartest. I think it was a plus that I'm pregnant, that way I didn't feel the need to try on and buy every cute thing I saw. I only bought a few loose blouses that would fit me as my stomach continues to grow.Then we went out to find a place to dine. We decided on Macaroni Grill because I had no idea what most of the other places were. It was pretty yummy, but the waiter messed up our orders so we both got free desserts! We took the desserts back to the hotel and ate while we watched a movie. The next morning we slept in, took showers, and then ate breakfast at the Original Pancake House. Yuumm!

It was a relaxing weekend of eating out, not being rushed, and doing whatever we wanted!

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Anonymous said...

Hey...when did you sneak this post in!!! I love it!~ What a wonderful hotel. Bet you guys had a ball :)
Well deserved!
Gma Debi :)