Monday, April 23, 2012


 We went to the arboretum while Liv was napping, so I left her at home with my Dad to listen for her. Brady is missing from most of these posts since it was the week before finals for him, and he still had classes he was attending.

They were setting up for the Dale Chihuly (a famous glass blower) art exhibit so there were a ton of cool glass sculptures all over the place.

Penny was lookin cute in her apple shades.

Me, Carrie, and Colson

When we were little we used to roll down this hill, so we took the boys over there and I had to laugh when Griff was going to try and roll down head over heels! He stopped and watched his brother, and decided that looked like more fun.

Feeding the fish goldfish :)

When we got home Brady was there and Liv woke up so we played outside and ate some popsicles. 

Cute Daddy daughter pic.
Why is B wearing long sleeves and jeans?? I think he's in denial of the fact that we never truly had a winter :)

Hi Scarlett!

My favorite Essie color for summer- Tart deco

Olivia and Penelope were given these cute matching outfits from their Mimi Linda (my Aunt, mom's sister)! We wanted to get a few pictures of them together, but as you may remember Liv literally hates for us to take pics of her, SO here were the results.

Penelope was doing great...

...but Olivia immediately started crying which made Penelope start crying...

...which made Olivia stop crying because she wanted to help Penelope :)
Cute girls, even when fussy :)


Laura Beth said...

I loooove your skirt! Essie is GREAT nail polish too. My sister got me hooked and there is no turning back even if it is pricey for those little bottles! I love Liv as per always and every time I look at your pictures I just want to come visit! Someday, ok?

Also, what camera and setting do you usually use? You guys take some great pictures!

Leandra said...

yay for the Arboretum!!! I can't remember if I told you or not that I got a pass. So dates there will be happening sometime in the next 12 months :) You look so good. And that chihuly stuff was awesome right? Liv is going to be such a good big sister taking care of everyone when they cry.