Thursday, April 26, 2012

The harbor

Thursday evening we went to Rockwall and ate at a yummy pizza place:

Then drove over to the harbor. Liv was wearing her jammy shirt under her dress because she refused to take it off that morning. It has a picture of a giraffe wearing sunglasses and she cried and said "Giraffe with sunnies, giraffe with sunnies" when we tried to take it off. I've been trying to be more agreeable so as to not have to say no to everything and let her feel a little more in control of her life, so I decided she could keep it on and wear the dress over it.

We were waiting for the water to turn on at this mini splash pad. Colson climbed up on one of these things while waiting...

...Liv tried to do it too but wasn't having the same success :)

 Prettiest little thing

Love my big girl.

Very concerned about something.


Then to Culver's for bananas foster custard, mmmm.

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Tyler + Zahara said...

I can't believe how fast she is growing! It makes me wanna cry! ha These pictures are perfect :)