Tuesday, April 3, 2012


We attempted to take photos in the bluebonnets in the park across the street, but Liv is the hardest child in the world to take a photo of. She is so in her own world most of the time and does not ever look at the camera much less smile and look at the camera. Also she didn't like walking through the tall flowers and preferred to be held. Lets be honest, its not nearly as cute when me or Brady are in the pictures as it would have been of just her alone, but this was the best we could do. The flowers are gorgeous and we are lucky to be able to just walk across the street to enjoy them. Liv is still adorable even though she wouldn't cooperate with us :)

These 2 photos just make me laugh. She is so utterly confused at what we are trying to do,
even though I talked to her before we even left the house about smiling and looking at the camera!
That's my girl!

Yeah, didn't know I would be in the photos so didn't bother to fix my hair! At this point in my pregnancy
I have a hard time wanting to do my hair. Its way too long and I'm in the process of trying to find someone to cut it for me.
Right before we left B even asked "are we going to be in these photos?" and I said nope!

On our way back to the car, we ran into a couple with a few dogs. Its not even a question anymore of "should we go over". We just know that when Liv sees a dog, its happening, we're chatting with the owners while she plays with the pup.

ps- I LOVE her in her saltwater sandals! I can't get enough, I just think she's so adorable in those shoes! I also have a matching pair and baby Scarlett has a matching pair as well (although I'm not trying to kid myself. I know she prob won't fit into them until August). Never thought I'd be the mom that matches her kids, but here I am and its totally about to happen in {less than} 2 months.


Tyler + Zahara said...

Oh my heck! This pictures are gorgeous :) Love her and the love the puppy photos and love your skirt! ha so much loving right?

kjirsten said...

I LOVE Livvy's outfit! (I love salt water sandals too . . . they remind me of when I was little).

The bluebonnets are so pretty. I can't believe it, but we've actually NEVER taken a bluebonnet picture of our kids. (might be something we need to change).

Love you!

the hansen's said...

Wow! What a neat photo shoot! Little Liv is beautiful.

caroline said...

Beautiful shots!! Those blue bonnets across the street are the best!!! we're having some pics taken this week by our friend somewhere near by. I hope the patches we find are as gorgeous as these! I think both you and Liv look so pretty in these shots!

Anonymous said...

love all these beautiful shots of our precious little girl and her wonderful parents. Did you get us some of those sandals too? Hope so ;)

Gma Debi :)