Monday, April 2, 2012


We recently got the opportunity to go to Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream. I love Disney and princesses but to this day I have still never seen The Princess and the Frog or Tangled. Not because I don't want to, I do, but Liv still doesn't sit through movies and when she's asleep and I watch a movie by myself I don't tend to choose cartoons. So I was a little worried how Liv would do in the Ice Skating show.

We felt like we couldn't pass up this opportunity though since we were getting an awesome deal on some really great seats, plus all the cousins were going so I knew Liv would love that part. I just wasn't too sure if she'd be able to sit through the whole thing. We've never taken her to the movie theater for that reason.

Liv actually did awesome and the show totally held her attention almost to the end. She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I knew that she'd be so excited to see Mickey and Minnie and the gang, but I figured she wouldn't really care about the princesses because, like I said, she's never seen their movies and doesn't know too much about them other than she has one princess sippie cup.

The W Hotel. Just where Khloe and Lamar live.
American Airlines Center

Livy gets her princess crown

Luckily the princess crown came with cotton candy.
We were snacking on that while we waited for the show to start.


Still waiting and giving Daddy's ear a squeeze
Nickey Nouse and Ninnie! (in Liv's words)

Princess and the Frog
Halftime entertainment: Liv sticking stickers on our hands


Liv is totally into it


Mickey and Minnie and ALL the princesses came out for the finale with some fireworks

I know this is so blurry but it was one of my favorite moments of the whole night.
Liv climbed back to go dance to the music with Claire!
It was so cute and they were just having so much fun they started hugging while dancing and fell over :)
After party at In n Out

That was Friday night, and still, every night I put her to bed, she talks to me about princesses and cousins and crocodile and buggie and flying and fireworks (crocodile and buggie from the princess and the frog). Its so cute! She always brings it up and wants to tell the whole story of what she remembers from that special night. I can tell it was magical for her. She would stand on her chair and dance to the music and was just totally into it! It was just fun for me to watch.

This experience has definitely begun her princess phase. She loves to wear that purple foam crown for awhile everyday and she has gone in the toy room to find her princess wand. Its just so funny to me because I used to try to play princess and dress up with her and use that wand and she was so not interested. Now I have an easier time getting her to let me fix her hair too, because all I have to say is "Do you want princess hair?", her response "Okay" with vigorous nodding.


Tyler + Zahara said...

what a fun phase! I can't wait for the princess phase! And I love and own tangled and haven't bought princess and the frog yet ha! SO fun :)

kjirsten said...

That was a fun night!! I love that Liv is starting to like the princesses! I had a friend who used the same "princess hair" suggestion to fix her daughter's hair too . . . worked like a charm!

So glad that you guys could come . . . disney always makes things magical. Claire loved it too, and one of her main memories from the night is still when she "dropped her cousin" while they were dancing. (she felt so bad) :)

the hansen's said...

Cool! I remember going to Disney on Ice. What a magical night for a little sweetheart :]

caroline said...

Ohhh!! We LOVE disney princesses on ice!! I took the 2 older girls last year with a group of girls and moms and they loved it and still talk about it!! Lily is in a princess phase and says all the time "look mama, I a princess" :)
I love the look on Liv's face with her crown on and Brady holding her and kissing Claire. So cute!!