Saturday, April 21, 2012

flying kites and a picnic in the park

Mike and Caroline's family came up from Austin to visit. Saturday afternoon we all went to the park (one a little ways down the road, not the one across the street) and had a picnic. We brought some kites to fly, and Olivia wanted nothing to do with eating and grabbed the kite immediately.

Liv and her cousin Savannah

Uncle Mike was helping Liv get the kite going. She thought she was supposed to hold onto the green tail of the kite :)

Here she is crying because she wanted to keep holding those green ribbons, but the kite is in the air

Sweet Uncle Mike handing her the string

Now she is feeling pretty proud of her Yoda kite

Thanks to Uncle Mike, Olivia's kite stayed high in the sky, while the other little boys were trying to get theirs to fly. It made us laugh to see tiny Liv standing there with her kite so high, and all the others running around trying not to get tangled in each other or the trees.

Everyone moved on from the kites to the pond

Liv and cousin Lily having a chat by the pond

We would throw an M&M in the water and all the little fishes would come and try and eat it...

...then the big fish would come and try and eat them!

Liv only wanted Grampy to hold her this day. She does this lately. She'll pick one person and only want that one person. Usually its Daddy if he's home, but since Daddy wasn't there she wanted Gramps.

Walking on the spillway even though it clearly says "Keep off"

Then it was onto the swings and slides

There was a folk band playing in the pavilion the whole time. Kind of funny but also fun to have some background music to our entire outing to the park.

And Zach caught a frog!

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