Tuesday, April 17, 2012


While I'm at work B usually sends me an iphone pic or two of what they're up to. On this day I got 2:

Liv and her uncle Brett streching/cracking their backs

And this pic of well, me I guess. B said that while they were at Target Liv kept pointing to this pic and saying "Momma!"... Maybe because of the red lips? It made me laugh :)

And some new boat shoes for Liv! Now her and daddy can match. Just because they both have boat shoes, not because B has pink and orange striped shoes. His are tan Sperry top-siders.

And now for more random photos from my iphone.
In our backyard:

I think this girl needs to go to a real beach. Sitting and sprinkling sand all over herself in this itty bitty sandbox and splashing in sprinklers is fun, but I think she would not know what to do if we took her to the beach. Her mind would be blown.

Liv was clenching her fists and shaking them and we were not sure what she was doing. 

Then we saw what she was trying to mimick.


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