Wednesday, April 18, 2012

s'mores and lightening bugs

My sister Carrie's family came to visit and we had lots of fun!

One night we started the fire pit and roasted marshmallows and made s'mores.
My brother Brett roasted the most perfect marshmallow and for the rest of the night we were all trying to beat him for a more perfect mallow. We all failed. With one blink of an eye my marshmallow would be on fire, or one time it was totally perfect but almost fell on the ground as I was pulling it back to put on a graham cracker! My dad's did fall on the ground, twice :) 

Poor Penelope wants more "marsh-pillows" as Liv calls them. 
Speaking of Liv (whom I didn't get a picture of), she didn't even bother waiting for any mallows to be roasted. She loves marsh-pillows and will just eat them out of the bag. No thank you to s'mores or roasting for her.

There is something really beautiful about lightening bugs. As it got darker and they started showing up in our yard and we wanted to catch one and see it up close. Brett caught one for us and I thought it was crazy how it totally looks like his bum is a light bulb, just like what they draw in the cartoons! I decided they are prettier when they're just outside and lighting up the night. It was fun to chase them though, and Liv even got to hold this one in her hand and it lit up while she was holding it. It was so cool! She loved it.

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