Wednesday, June 13, 2012

1 month

weight: 8.6 lbs    (25%)
length: 21.5 in  (50%)

*Since her last visit, she jumped up to the next grouping in both weight and height. The Dr was pleased and laughed because when she had first looked at her weight she thought it hadn't change and was really worried, but then realized that she had read it wrong (6.8 last time to 8.6 this time). It was nice to hear that she had gained so much after worrying slightly for 2 weeks that I didn't have enough milk or that she wasn't eating.
*She still has dark blue eyes
*Shes starting to smile a lot more but still has a concerned face and furrowed brows most of the time
*She's getting on a good eat, play, sleep schedule and eats every 3 hrs
*She will sleep 6-7 hrs occasionally at night. Usually sleeps 4-5, eats, and then sleeps another 3-4, but there is still a random night that she only sleeps 3hrs at a time. Basically its random at this point, but it seems to be getting more steady. (she eats at 10pm and usually won't wake up til 3:30 or 4:00, and then 7am).
*She can track objects and loves to look at and study people's faces
*She loves to cuddle and would much rather take her naps in mommy's arms than in her little bed.
*Before she was born B made a comment about how at first, she would be like a little stranger, and I felt that way during this month. Not in a bad way, more of an excited way. I would stare at her and she'd stare right back at me and I would just wonder who this little is going to be! One of the best parts of being a parent, I think, is getting to watch your child grow and seeing their very own little personality develop. I'm so excited to see who miss Scarlett is going to be and what role she will play this family.
*One thing is already for certain, and that is that her big sister ADORES her!

*Other bits of info: I had mastitis during week 3. The worst thing in the world. I hope I never have to experience it again. I had chills, fever, and pain. Once I finally realized what it was and went to the dr for antibiotics, it was already going away on its own! Thank goodness, because I really didn't want to take the drugs for fear of developing thrush. I've had a rough time with breastfeeding but I was really determined to stick it out this time since I didn't really have a choice with Liv because I was in school at the time (I had to pump and bottle feed and eventually lost my milk around 5 mo). I'm definitely not a pro and its not something that just comes naturally for me, but I'm glad that I did stick it out. Things are so much better now! 

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Kendra said...

Ew on the mastitis. I don't think I ever had it, but it was pretty excruciating for a good 6 weeks. Way to stick it out!