Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day

On Father's Day B and Olivia went to church while Scarlett and I stayed home.
With 9am church and a baby that wasn't sleeping through the night at the time,
there was no way I was making breakfast in bed (as is our usual tradition).
Am I a great wife or what!? Sending my hubs to church alone without breakfast.
 Despite all that, I did have a few fun little knick knacks to try and make the day special.

When they got home, Olivia and I gave him his cards, coupon book, and treats and then filmed the first annual "Father's Day video". 
Clearly I'll have to write down my questions instead of trying to think of them on the spot, ha!

Okay, I know this is really heavy on the pictures but Olivia was giving me the best smiles 
and that is so rare that I had to include them!
Well, I guess not at first, ha! She was folding her arms and pouting quietly
I'm guessing because her Daddy was holding Scarlett and not her :)

Once he had both of them in his arms she couldn't hold her happiness in!
I have to preface all these by saying NONE of these are staged. 
I didn't tell anyone to do anything, I just snapped while she was loving on Brady and Scarlett and vise versa. 
It was a love fest!

aaaand now the moment is over and ms pouty mouth is back :)

I have to share this sweet story:
That weekend we were shopping at the mall and brought Scarlett along with us. We stopped in Anthropologie and B sat in the lounging area in the middle of the store and held Scarlett while I went and tried on some clothes. A lady came over to him and told him what a special guy he must be in order  to be the father of a daughter. She explained that only very good guys get to have daughters. It was really sweet. Strangers sometimes surprise me! There ARE good people out there!
And she didn't even know that he has TWO daughters ;) 
I couldn't agree with her more. 
Brady, you are such a good guy and the absolute best man for our daughters to call their Father. 
I feel like my daughters are the luckiest girls to have a dad like you. I love you!


Miranda Thompson said...

Those pictures are priceless. :)

Megan Marie said...

these are the sweetest pictures. oh brady... two kids looks great on you! haha


Kendra said...

Very sweet. And I love the love fest you had going on. We totally had to say "eeeeeewwww!" to get Owen to smile/laugh.