Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The last 2 days in the hospital

We got to spend an extra day in the hospital because they weren't able to give me a full dose of penicillin before Scarlett was born. I had tested positive for Strep B with Olivia so the Dr wanted to give me a dose of penicillin this time too just to be safe. Well, Lettie came so fast that they didn't have time to get the dose in. They wanted to keep her an extra 24 hrs just to make sure nothing transferred, so I got to stay an extra day too, which I'm thankful for since I would hate to leave the hospital without my baby!

The nurse told me she scored as high as possible on the apgar, no jaundice, and passed her hearing test with flying colors.

We kept her in the room with us through the night both nights, and I got frustrated with how uncomfortable the bed was. I loved being in the hospital with Olivia, but this time I was very ready to go home. Maybe because I had another child at home that I was missing, and the fact that nobody likes for their precious 3 hour stretch of sleep to be interrupted by dr's, nurses, maintenance people, and food delivery every time! Needless to say, I actually got a lot more rest at home than I did in the hospital (thanks to Debi for taking care of Liv!).

The sweetest baby

Liv wanted to get in the bed and hold Scarlett "jus like mama"

blurry but sweet

We had her right bootie off because they have to scan her bracelet right before you leave to make sure you have the right baby :)
even though there were a grand total of 2 babies in that hospital....and the other one was a boy.


Anonymous said...

What wonderful memories!!! She is so precious, they both are. What lucky people to have those sweet girls in our lives :)

Love forever,
Gpa and Gma Hansen!!!

Kendra said...

Those are some beautiful pictures. She looks like such a sweet baby. I've been wondering if I'll feel the same way about staying in the hospital. I liked it with Owen, but I know a lot of second time moms say they want to leave sooner. Also, what's this nonsense about no 10 on the appy? Owen totally got a 10! But maybe it depends on the hospital. Good for Scarlet getting the highest score. :)

taryn said...

Haha Kendra! I should have explained that! What my nurse meant with "no such thing as a 10" was that she doesn't believe there is such a thing as 100% or perfection, so even though Scarlett scored 10, she says 9.999 to be cute :)

The McBrides said...

Gorgeous pictures Taryn!! she is such a little princess, what an amazing experience! What kind of camera/lens do you use? I am just in love with your photos!

taryn said...

Thanks Whit! We have the canon 7D and the 50 mm prime lens.