Saturday, June 30, 2012

While you were sleeping...

...your big sis was playing near by.  Very near by.
She just can't. get. enough. She loves you soooooo much! And so do we.

I'm doing monthly pics of her with this owl. 
This was the closest I got to doing a newborn pic with the owl, 
so the real "owl pics" will start at 1 month.

Liv- 2 1/2  
Scarlett- 5 days


C and K said...

She is perfect!!!!!! They are so sweet together!!!! Congrats!

Kendra said...

That is so sweet! I sure hope Owen loves his baby sister as much as Liv loves hers. :)

Anonymous said...

Precious, precious, and even more precious!!! We love these little angels with all of our hearts :)

Love, Gma and Gpa Hansen !!!