Friday, July 13, 2012

2 months

 Weight: 10.2 lbs (25%)
Length: 22 in (25%)
Head: 15 in

  • Dr F said that her weight gain was "excellent" and that I can definitely let her sleep through the night without waking her to feed. I was very happy to hear that because she's been sleeping 7-8 hrs straight at night and I have not been waking her up. She's pretty consistent now. She eats at 10pm (we do one "relief feeding" as the last feeding where B will give her a bottle of breast milk and I pump) and then won't wake up until 5:30 or 6:00!
  • We are on a great sleep, play, eat schedule and I personally think thats why she's sleeping so well at night.
  • She's become so much more aware during "play" time. I show her black and white picture books and she tracks them left, right, up, and down.
  • She has started being SO good to just lay quietly in her crib, or propped up in the bobby, or laying on her play mat and look around. She loves to stare at her mobile from Aunt Linda, or be entertained by her big sister :) Her very favorite thing is to look at faces.
  • She is smiling all the time now! I LOVE it. There is not much in this world that gives you a better feeling than when a sweet baby smiles at you.
  • She has started cooing and finding her voice.
  • She's still in NB diapers but has already outgrown most of her newborn clothes. She usually wears sz 0-3 months. 
  • Her eyes are still blue but seem to be lightening up a little. Olivia's did the exact same thing so we'll see if she keeps her blue eyes.
  • I'm feeling like she will have curly/wavy hair like Olivia. I only have one experience to compare to, but so far Scarlett's hair is doing the same "won't lay flat to her head" thing that Olivia's did, and it easily curls out when she's been laying on it. You wouldn't be able to tell just from pictures but I can tell since I stare at her all the time and will try to smooth it down with my fingers and it bounces back into a little wave. Time will tell.

She is a pretty even tempered baby, however she will go from 0 to 60 when she needs something. She definitely cries and cries loud and hard when she needs a diaper change or is tired. We've been laying her in her crib every time now when she's asleep to try and get her used to the idea of sleeping in her crib and not in our arms. I put her down just before she's fully asleep and then pat her back so she is falling asleep in her crib. She has already started to self soothe and I'm really happy about that! She's been sleeping in her bed at night since she was 3 weeks old, so I think that has also helped her get used to taking naps in there also. We sure love our Olivia to pieces, but she was a much much more difficult (needed to held constantly, fussy, could not self soothe) baby than miss Scarlett is. We feel like Scarlett is the perfect little spirit to add to our family and we're so thankful for her!


Kendra said...

She is so darling! You sure make cute kids! It's awesome she is doing so well and sleeping so long at night. I hope my next baby is like Scarlett as well since Owen was needy like Olivia. I'm glad you are such a happy family of four! :)

Anonymous said...

Way to grow Miss Scarlett Superstar!!! You are doing so well. I love all the pictures of you sweet baby girl. I can't wait to hold you and kiss your chubby little cheeks again...soon!
Thank you for letting your nice parents sleep...they are good ones, take good care of them.
Thanks also for making Olivia a big sister...she is such a good one.
Love you all,
Gma and Pops in Oregon

AmyJ said...

What a doll! I think she looks just like you guys! Yea for sleeping through the night! She's so sweet :]

Janine said...

Taryn...she's beautiful. No doubt she will continue to bring smiles to your face. I am glad you are loving life with two. Having two kids really helped me feel more grounded as a mom. Perhaps it is because I wasn't working full-time anymore but it really helped me see that spirits come to us with their own unique personalities and we just have to adjust with it. I kept thinking I was such a bad mom because Mya was this or that. Not true.