Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our little chats

I will have to make "our little chats" a monthly installment since I love all the funny convos I have with my creative Livy girl!
Some of the things she says are so funny and random! We love to hear how her little mind works!

O: Sometimes I cwy in a baf room
B: don't worry, that's just part of being a girl
T: laughing
B: laughing
O: Stop laughing!

A friend brought us brownies with colorful M&M's in them.
Liv walked in and saw them on the plate and said "Oh! Nummy poo poo's!"

O: Where's daddy go mama?
T: I don't know where he went
O: Is he hiding? *Looks under the blanket*

T: Liv you are such a cute girl! You are so smart. Can you say I'm a smart girl?
O: I a smah-t ghoul
T: Can you say I'm a good girl?
O: I a gus ghoul!
T: what?
O: I a gus ghoul, mommy!
T: You're a gus girl?
O: No, I'm a gous ghoul.
T: Your a GOOSE girl! *laughing* Yes, you are a silly goose girl!
L: *laughing* Silly gous ghoul!
(I call her goose girl ALL the time because she is seriously funny and silly!)

Her favorite thing to say at the moment: NO-kay. Came up with that one on her own and loves to confuse us.
T: Do you want some cheesy noodles (mac and cheese)?
O: Nokay. Haha, I say Nokay Mama! Nokay!!

When trying to explain what Independence Day is:
T: Today is America's birthday! We live in America Livy, and you're American!
O: No. I not a Merica, I a Livia!

I was telling her some "secrets" meaning I was whispering anything I could think of in her ear.
When I asked her to tell me a secret she took my face in her hands and put her mouth right up to my ear and whispered, "Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi". 
When we asked her to tell Daddy some secrets she whispered in his ear "secrets!" I love it because after she tells her secrets she gets so excited and giggles :) 
Such a little girl thing to do! She's getting so big!

*pictures taken just after I gave her her first real haircut! I fought it for a long time (obv, she's almost 3 and just now getting her first haircut). It was just getting too uneven and completely unruly! Its more manageable now, and she still has her sweet curls :) Don't worry Debi! I saved a lock just for you!


Kendra said...

Super cute!!! I need to start writing down things like that. I LOVE how little kids' minds work. She's such a doll. And I call Owen, "Goose" as well cause he's totally my silly goose too. :)

Scottie and Angie said...

LOve it!!! She is such a doll, little girls are just so much fun!and little kids just say the cutest and funniest things! I am so excited to get to see you soon and catch up. also way to go with the hair cut, I am impressed!

Anonymous said...

Can I love this kids any more than I do!!!??? With every cute comment and every beautiful picture I lose more of my heart to our sweet Livy Loooo.
Thanks for being such a good big sister to your new babydoll Scarlett. Can't wait to see you and your family soon!
Gma and Pops Hansen :)

Tyler + Zahara said...

haha! These are so perfect! I love love reading these :) Such a good momma :)