Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dear Scarlett- being a big sister is hard work

I have to show you how to pose for your monthly "Owl" photo shoot

 I have to check and make sure everything is okay down there when Mommy is "hiding" you

 It is serious business to push you in your swing

Okay, I'll admit, its kind of fun!

 I have to help give you baths

And test out all your baby things first

But I do it because I love you!

In reality Liv is such a good helper and big sister! She is always willing to go get a diaper and wipes if I don't have them by me, and she always throws the wet diapers in the trash! She's great at getting anything I need, ie: burp cloths, blankets, pacifiers (although its hit or miss with those..sometimes she just keeps it for herself). She loves to be right up close and personal with Scarlett, and often tries to tickle her. And she is really good at letting me know if Scarlett is crying :) She is really great at being patient when I'm nursing Scarlett. I find myself having to say "I'll help you when Scarlett's done eating" too much, but thankfully she has been very understanding and either hangs out in the room with me while I nurse or finds toys and other things to play with to keep her busy. Right now she calls Scarlett "Caaah-lett" and "little Cah-lett" and my favorite "little sisser". Every morning she wakes up and wants to run and see Scarlett first thing. Their friendship is off to a great start!

She loves Scarlett too much to ever be mad at her, but the ONLY thing I have noticed is that when she wakes from a nap in a bad mood she will be more upset that I'm holding Scarlett when I come to get her and say "Nooo! Don't hold Scah-lett!!!". Sometimes she likes to pretend she's a baby and have me carry her like a baby, but I actually think that's cute and funny, and she does it more as a joke. Other than that she is very very sweet and has not acted out in any way. 

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Kendra said...

So cute! And that's awesome she's doing so well and hasn't been acting out. I hope I'm as lucky! :) You have two very sweet girls.

Anonymous said...

Oh my darling little Livy!!! She must be so exhausted with all she "has to do". But I agree, she does it all so well and why wouldn't she...her little "sisser" is an absolute angel!!!
Love you all
Mom Hansen

the hansen's said...

What a great big sister/ helper Liv is!! They are already best buds ;)