Tuesday, July 3, 2012


We took Olivia to Sunnyfest the weekend before the 4th, while my mom stayed with Scarlett.
Olivia looooved it! She had so much fun jumping in the bounce houses and running around.

There were several bounce houses and she tried every single one.

We were really happy that we were there early and Liv got a chance to go over and over and over in the bouce houses before there were any lines. 
She also loved this train ride.

There were fire trucks for the kids to go look at and take pictures with, but she wasn't interested.
This helicopter was flying above and then we realized that it was landing here so everyone could come and look inside and take pics. 
Is it weird that the thought that came to my mind as I was watching it land was "this is how they must feel on the Bachelor/ette".
Olivia wasn't interested in this either. All she wanted to do was bounce bounce bounce.
We ran into our friends, the Hales, from church who just barely moved here.

We took a break to go eat some barbeque. 
Liv got a spongebob popsicle and B and I shared a peach slushy, 
and we sat at a picnic table under a tree to hide from the sun, while Camilla and I chatted.

 After eating, we all walked around to look at the booths and then pet some of the animals they had.
We walked back over to the bounce houses, but by this time there were tons of long lines at each one, 
so we decided to go home and got to see this pretty sunset on our walk out.

We put Liv down, and then went outside, laid a blanket in the grass, and enjoyed the fireworks.

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Laura Beth said...

You two are great parents and what a fun day for Olivia! Texas continues to look deeeeeelightful.. and lastly.. cute earrings ;)