Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First day of Pre-school

We weren't planning on starting her in preschool this year. Because of where her birthday falls, she still has 3 more years before she starts Kinder. We finally decided last minute to go ahead after touring the little school and meeting her teacher. It felt good and right. She has a hard time playing with anyone except her mommy and daddy and I think (hope) that this will help her to be a bit more social. I also think it will be fun for her since she seems so bored at home. She's too smart for her age and already knows how to count to 20, abc's by sight and all their sounds, colors (in english and spanish), and shapes.

Some friends at book club were talking about their kids starting kindergarten this year and how they had to pretend like they weren't crying at the orientation, and I laughed with them wondering why they would cry at orientation? Then when B and I were getting the tour of the pre school and talking about all the fun things she would be doing and learning, I totally had to blink back some tears. I couldn't even say anything with out my eyes welling up so I mostly just tried not to talk. I didnt even know why, until I talked it out with B in the car on the way home.

Its hard to accept that you can't be the one to teach them everything. For the last 3 years of my life, I've prided myself on teaching my sweet daughter everything she knows! It was bittersweet to look around and know that she would LOVE it there and have so much fun without me. But I have accepted that there are things that I can't teach her and things that she has to learn on her own, without me there watching over her. And I know she'll be fine. Great even!

That backpack was just toi much for her. She couldn't stand up straight!
(The school required her to have a large backpack otherwise we would have gotten her a smaller one)

I took some stuff out and we tried again :)
This was as good as it got. It was too bright for her to smile AND look at the camera.

Had some time to feed her little sis before she left

Those two.

Again, that backpack was just too much for her.

Checking both ways for cars


the hansen's said...

She is too grown-up! I love, love the picture showing Brady holding her backpack up :] haha!

Tyler + Zahara said...

Oh my heck I just wanna die over the picture of her and Scar on the couch! So freaking cute!! That girls going to have back problems with that backpack ha! It's bigger than her!