Sunday, September 23, 2012

Olivia turns 3

Me: Smile Liv
Liv: I am smiling

Liv wanted to help me make her Bday cupcakes. Told you she loves cooking!! 
Sturn-ing (stiring) is her favorite :)

Look at those eyes glued to that present! I let her open one present before nap time because I felt bad about making her take a nap on her bday. Am I pathetic or what?! It just hurt me that I had to make her cry on her bday.  So here I am reiterating that she can open ONE present and then go take a nap.


The dora undies came off immediately and those princess undies were on lickity split

She actually ended up putting on the whole Cinderella underwear set we gave her .

and I let her have ONE cupcake before naptime too. Pathetic, seriously.
I can't help it! Bday's are supposed to be special, right?!

I made homemade buttercream frosting and clearly I do not know how to frost cupcakes.
Her only request was that her cake be purple, so I made some purple frosting.

We videoed her opening presents so no pics. She wanted to play with each thing as she opened them.

3 years old!

Daddy assembling the scooter or skate as she sometimes calls it.

Like I said, jackpot.

One of her very favorite presents was this "dominoes" set. She loves setting up and knocking down (okay mostly the knocking down part) dominoes, so this cute colorful set with people shapes and bells and steps was absolutely perfect!
She went back to it and played with it immediately after she was done opening everything else.
Princess Jewels!

Love you so much big 3 year old girl!


Doug and Bethany said...

What a cute little birthday girl! And that domino set is adorable! Where did you find it?

taryn said...

I got it at Tuesday Morning, do you have one of those out there? Its called Big Top Flippity Flops and the brand is Alex. I can't remember the original price (I think $40) but at Tuesday Morning it was $20. Maybe try Amazon :)


I think all of us UCDH girls have said it, but it seriously seems like just yesterday we were starting school and she was still in your tummy! I cannot believe she is 3! She is adorable, and you are such a fun mommy!

BradyH said...

I can't believe my little princess is so grown up! I love all the pictures on this post and remembering how happy she was all day...HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIV!