Monday, September 24, 2012

Liv's 3rd birthday: Puppy Pawty!

I debated whether or not to give Olivia a "friends" party this year since she's still pretty young, but ultimately decided that we should do one. The deciding factor being that I don't know where we'll be next year and will not throw a "friends" party since I don't know if we'll have any friends, haha!

This was a "puppy pawty" because Olivia loves puppies (see her dressed as a puppy for Halloween here). Thanks for the help with planning Pinterest, Google, and other bloggers who detailed their parties! And more seriously thanks for all the help Brady, Mom, and Dad! My mom did all the shopping for me while I was at work and even last minute ran to Wal-mart to buy more beads when I has missplaced the ones I had bought weeks ago, my Dad bought balloons last minute because he knew Liv would love them (and she did), and Brady made the dog house for us, the dog ears, and painted the bowls. Did I even do anything? ;)

the invitation

she was so excited while waiting for her friends to come. she kept saying, "ah, i hear something! my friends!"

got tired of waiting and needed a little snack before the guests arrived ;)

Sophie was the first to arrive and it was really cute to watch her and Olivia together. They "adopted" their puppies and filled their dog bowls with doggie chow. Olivia was barking like a dog, and had her little puppy pretend eating and Sophie would copy. Cute girls.

Here she is "ruff ruff-ing"

Its my party and I can strip down to my skivvies if I want to.

She spilled water all down the front of her outfit. At home anytime she gets anything on her clothes she takes them off, so naturally she started crying and wanting to take all her clothes off. I took her skirt off and she wanted her shirt off too, but I told her when we're in public we have to wear at least some clothes (we've actually had this convo many times). Such a bummer, i know. She checked with her dad first, just to see if he would let her take off her shirt and then accepted that we weren't letting her be naked at the park at her 3rd birthday party. I know she will LOVE this pic when she is 16. I will LOVE to show it to her when she has a strong willed child of her own :)

thanks for your help love!

After our puppies were fed, we made dog tags/collars for them with pipe cleaners and beads.

Scarlett and my mom

We sang happy birthday, but it was so windy that the candles would not stay lit. After 3 attempts I just had her blow out three matches. Thank goodness she's three and it made no difference to her!

Olivia's pet name for Scarlett has changed from Scooby to puppy, so I made these little puppy ears and Olivia LOVED it! She loves her puppy so much! The only puppy mom and dad will give her for now :)

We had the kids wear the puppy ears and have their picture taken in Olivia's Dog House.
Everyone was great except the birthday girl of course. The night before, she was wearing the puppy ears, crawling on all 4s, barking like a dog, and LOVING her dog house that daddy made her. Day of the party she would not put the ears on or get inside the dog house. Oh well, totally expected so I didn't even push it. She loves to be non compliant when there are too many people around ;) Sometimes I wonder if she is already self conscience and embarrassed to do things that her mom asks her to do, lol.

And yet, she's not embarrassed to be in her undies in front of everyone. We've got our hands full with this one.

We took video instead of pics while she was opening presents, but she loved everything! She wanted to play with it all so I let her keep her dog purse that my parents gave her and we put everything else away.

Can you even handle this extremely happy and adorably chubby baby!

I want to eat those legs. Such a sweetheart!

We came home and put her right down for a nap, and for the rest of the day she kept giving me hugs and kisses out of the blue and even telling me that she loves me so much. She is a sweet girl but that is not an everyday occurrence, and certainly not a many times a day thing, so I actually did feel appreciation from her, which I didn't expect since she's only 3! I love to plan parties and I had so much fun planning a special one for my sweet girl! Thanks for humoring me, family; and thanks to everyone who came :)


BradyH said...

Great party, and one that Liv will love to look back on forever! I'm so glad you like to plan such fun parties, they make each occasion that much more special and fun :)

caroline said...

I love everything about this party!! the decorations, the food, the party bags with adopt-a-puppies, but especially the bday girl and her little "pet puppy" sister! So cute Taryn!!

Natalie Bergin said...

This looks like SO MUCH FUN! You guys sure are great!

Laura Beth said...

Cutest party ever. You continue to blow me away!! I can't wait to see her parties as the years go by.

Carrie said...

really cute, tare! seems like the perfect party for a little 3 year old. and I always love to see pictures of cute baby scar.

kjirsten said...

SO Ca-ute Teensie!!! We sure were sad to miss it. :( Loved seeing the pictures from the party. Every detail was darling. :) What a lucky little 3 year old cutie (in her skivies). And baby Scarlett is such a doll!! There was a picture of Grammy holding a baby and I thought, "Oh, sweet Grammy got to hold somebody's baby" . . . and then the caption said it was Scarlett! She has grown so much, I didn't even recognize her. I still think of her as a newborn. They sure do grow fast don't they? p.s. She's looking a lot like You, to me. ;) Love you guys!

Tyler + Zahara said...

oh my heck! This is perfect!! I love all the decor :) You did such a great job mama :) She just needs her own puppy now ;)