Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Brady

This year was a big birthday year for my Beetle. He turned 30. He specifically told me no parties. It didn't feel right for me not to do something extra special since this is a big milestone, so I decided to plan a few suprises for the day of his bday.

It fell on a Thursday this year, which is a day that I would normally work. I never told B that I took the day off, so that morning I suprised him by letting him semi sleep in and telling him that I would get to spend the day with him!

When Liv woke up I told her it was Daddy's bday. She ran into our room {she absolutely loves to wake us up in the mornings :)} and climbed up on our bed and sang to B to wake him up! We dropped her off at school, and his 2nd surprise was going out for breakfast :)

The next surprise was a 1 hr massage. Then, I gave him time to go out by himself and look at gadgets (best buy and the apple store). He came home to 30 balloons with 30 messages from different friends through the years.

It was really fun for me to contact some of his old friends. I had received mail for Brady from all of these people. I didn't open any of it, but I was excited for him to be able to reminisce on fun memories and nice thoughts from people he had known through the years. 30 is a lot, and I had to rely on others for this to come together, but every person that I contacted directly responded! That says something about what a genuinely nice and good person my husband is.

It was so fun to see him laughing and remembering all these fun times! Thank you to all who made this such a special day for him!!


BradyH said...

This was an amazing and very thoughtful birthday...thanks T :)

Laura Beth said...

I may copy this someday.. love it! I saved an idea like this years ago with love notes for the husband buuuut notes from someone other then just me would be way cooler

Kendra said...

Very cool birthday idea. I love that you were able to find 30 people from throughout his life!