Saturday, October 27, 2012

San Antonio

Brady's Dad had a work conference in San Antonio on the weekend of the 20th. It has been way too long since we've seen him, and he had never met Scarlett, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to drive down and spend the weekend with him.

The drive went so much smoother than I could have even hoped. We realized that this was really the first road trip that we have ever taken with Olivia, and here we were with Scarlett too. In all the road trips we've taken we always found a way to get Olivia to the destination by flying with someone or leaving her with grandparents. I don't know if people really understand when I tell them, but she HATED her car seat when she was a baby. Like, always cried even when driving from our apt to the grocery store, which was probably a 3 minute drive. And the one time we drove 45 mins to SLC, she cried. the entire time. She was not one that would give up and just fall asleep, so that is why we have always gone to extreme measures in the past to get her from A to B as quick as possible. Now that she's older, she is great in her car seat, and is such a sweet sweet big sister to Scarlett. When Scar cries, Liv sings to her. Its the cutest thing. She never complains of the noise or anything. I'm grateful for the good girl she is.

Scarlett does a really great job in her carseat! Yes, she'll cry from time to time, but she'll fall asleep. She was so good on this trip (4 1/5 hrs). She was awake for awhile and sat quietly observing the backseat, then cried for a minute, then fell asleep and slept for the majority of the time. We did stop to change her diaper and let Liv run around at McDonalds play place for awhile. The best thing is that when Scarlett wakes up in her carseat, she wakes up slowly and quietly. A lot of the time we are wondering if she's asleep, and when I check she's usually awake and just being quiet. I'm also thankful for the good girl she is :)

We had so much fun seeing Pops and hanging out for a couple days! We walked the Riverwalk, saw the Alamo, and ate some snow cones because it was ridiculously hot and humid for the end of October. It was definitely hotter there than it was in Dallas. The next day we hung out in the hotel, enjoyed the beautiful view, and walked around again. Grandma Debi was trying to get there as fast as she could! We missed her, but luckily were able to catch her for a few minutes when she arrived on Sunday night. We had to drive back Monday morning since I had work on Tues.

We loved getting to spend some time with Grandpa since we don't get to see him often. It was such a treat for us! 

some poor random couple got in my photo.
and I'm just now noticing that the guy is holding her purse, haha.

This girl is really starting to be interested in eating!

The lights on this hotel were in the shape of a jack o lantern

Liv loved the phone in our hotel room :)

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