Saturday, October 13, 2012

Scarlett: 5 months

  • Talks and coos all the time
  • loves to see our faces and gives sweet smiles
  • bites her hands
  • ticklish under her chin! she really is, and will giggle a little whey I tickle her there!
  • started rice cereal and did great! 
  • strangers love to stop and talk to her because she always smiles so sweetly to them, and I usually egg it on by telling them she must really like them ;) she must really like everyone! i love when people tell me how cute my babies are, and miss Scarlett makes everyone we meet feel so good about themselves with her smiles!
  • going through a growth spurt, eating more, and not sleeping through the night :(
  • rolls easily from back to front (and still from front to back too!)
  • scoots a little and will be off the blanket when we come back in the room
  • such a sweetheart and is adored by every person in our family
  • diapers: sz 1
  • clothes: 3 mo (+)


Anonymous said...

That kid is probably one the the cutest alive!!! I want to snatch her away!!! Kiss those fat little cheeks for me.
We love our little Miss Scarlett :)
Love, Gma and Pops Hansen

Laura Beth said...

That owl is pretty cute Taryn but gosh, I can't get over how adorable Scarlett is. Sign her up for baby modelling!