Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat

We went trick or treating with cousins in McKinney! We had so much fun last year, and realized that we won't be here next Halloween :( so this was the 2nd and last annual Hansen/Grant trick or treat festivity.

Olivia LOVES her cousins! She was so so so excited to go see "cousins". Its weird to see her grow up right before my eyes. Like, usually she is so excited to see cousins and then we get there and she's a little hesitant at first. This time she knew exactly where we were and who everyone was and she was outside in the backyard playing with Claire and Luke before I even said hello to everyone.

Side story: Olivia is our crazy girl! I had her in a different outfit for the drive up and because I knew she'd play for a while when we got there, so when it was time to get changed she took off all her clothes and then didn't want to put any clothes back on. We were telling her no one would give her candy if she went out without her Goldilocks outfit, but she was hiding under pillows. It probably took 5 minutes to have her focus long enough to understand that we were saying - "no candy or trick or treating until you get dressed"- and when she understood that, it was no problem getting the clothes on. Right now its her favorite thing to run away and hide from you because she loves to play chase. She thinks everything is a game. Always. So I try not to get too frustrated with her, but it can test my patience when we are on a time crunch, I'm holding Scarlett,  and she's running through the house screaming and giggling because she thinks I'm just playing.

Once we made it out of the house (which took a lot of effort to get all the kids ready and out the door) I realized I didn't have my big camera and I didn't know where it was. I decided it would just be so much easier to use my iphone. So that's why all my pics from Halloween 2012 are iphone pics :) In my defense, this was the THIRD time we were dressing the girls up, and I knew I already has some pics from the halloween party we went to. Plus she didn't put her make up on this time and I didn't draw attention to it (because I'm sure she would have wanted it).

We snapped some pics of the kiddos, and then they were off. Caleb was on a mission to fill a pillow case so he ran off house to house as fast as could while the rest of us were slow pokes, okay it was really just Olivia that was a slow poke. Trick or treating is a LOT of walking for a 3 yr old. After 5 houses we (I) started skipping every other house. We were not in it this year to get lots of candy. I made a promise to myself that I would not eat any of her Halloween candy this year (and so far I really haven't!).  So we mostly just enjoyed being out with everybody...although Liv had 2 big spills and she was done with trick or treating so we just went back to the house... where she immediately took off all her clothes... and later on the drive home she was cold.

Scarlett was really good the whole time. Brady chose to carry her in the Bjorn and she just liked being out and watching everyone. Such a good girl. I love her even tempered-ness. That and her adorable chubby cheeks.

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