Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We went to the arboretum to catch the pumpkin village they have there, and we really wanted to get Olivia's face painted since we've never done it in all the time we've been here. The line was pretty long so I tried to get her to come with me to see the pumpkins. She enjoyed that for about 2 seconds and then wanted to go back and wait for face painting. She was was pretty excited for it.

I wanted her to get a blue or purple butterfly, but when the Lady asked what color, Liv immediately said red. I think because at school the color of the month was red. Anyway, she got a red butterfly and it was so cute to see her sit perfectly still while she had her face painted. She loved it.

When we went to see the pumpkins, she still wasn't really interested. She just wanted to see Cinderella's carriage, but that ended in tears when we had to get out so other's in line could come in and take pictures. She would not get out of her stroller anymore and would get angry if we took pics. SO we were only able to take a few pics with Scarlett and then we left. I had really hoped to get a few of me and both girls, but in reality it wasn't a surprise.

The funniest thing was that on the way home Liv had a meltdown (that's not the funny part), and when we got home and I got her out of her car seat her face paint was smeared ALL OVER and she looked like the devil! I was laughing so hard. Poor girl may have been a little tired!

wouldn't sit with me to take a photo

then saw other kids go into 'her' cinderella carriage

so she gave me a second chance because I told her we could only go back if she'd take a picture with me :)

Olivia is not impressed

GRRR! Stop taking pictures!

showing her horns :)
That is not really what she was doing but it totally fits!

We went back on Halloween morning and took our friends The Harker's. I thought maybe Olivia would enjoy it more this time since it was earlier in the day, but nope. It was the same. This time she wouldn't even get out of the stroller for Cinderella's carriage. I don't understand that girl and her moods yet. I probably never will. I love her to bits though. When she's not in one of her moods, she is the sweetest cutest girl. I'm sometimes a little sad that most people don't get to see that side of her.

So the explanation behind iphone pics this time is that we actually did bring our real camera, but when we took our first photo our camera kindly informed us that there was no data card inside! So, the iphone saves the day again!

We had a lot of fun hanging out with The Harker's and doing a quick run through. Monica brought yummy whole wheat chocolate chip banana muffins to share and we gobbled them while we walked through! We'll have to go back again when we can stay a bit longer!

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Laura Beth said...

Its becoming a problem, how good iphones are. I keep neglecting my canon because my iphone is so easy.

Love Liv's red lips!