Monday, November 12, 2012

Pumpkin Party

My friend, Camilla, threw a pumpkin party for the kids! It was so cute and of course when I got there I realized I forgot my camera :( Thank goodness for iphones...story of my life!

It was so adorable and so much fun. We all brought a snack to share and there were so many yummy things! I filled a plate for Liv with kettle corn, apples, cantaloupe, a homemade granola bar, veggies, a Jello jiggler, and peanut butter crackers...she wouldn't eat anything except the jello and the peanut butter crackers. Don't worry, I ate the rest. Life of a Mom. They did a craft and made a little bat out of clothes pins, paper,  and eyes, painted mini pumpkins, decorated sugar cookies, and had a hayride in a little wagon pulled by the riding lawn mower. Just perfect!

Love that look on her face


Up on her toes

the finished pumpkin

The plate full of food I got for her...and then ate it all myself.

Looking at worms with the little boys. I love the touch of tomboy in her.

The lovely finished product :)

I LOVE this! I love how sweet Sophie is to Liv. She always comes and asks Liv if she wants to go play with her, and usually they go off together holding hands. Olivia is independent, but she does like to play with kids. She doesn't like big groups though and will stop playing with someone if too many more kids come over to play with them. I just always really appreciate when a child comes and asks her to play because she usually isn't the first to go over to someone else and start playing. This picture melts my heart.
And here are a few of the hayride:

Thanks Camilla!


Carrie said...

so cute and fun! I love the picture of sophie and olivia. so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a glimpse of your sweet life! I love that girl so much and wish I could take the girls a couple of times every week. That would be such good Gma medicine for me haha! Perhaps a little break for you guys too.

She is a sweet, smart girl.

Love to you Tare :)