Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Our friends had the cutest Halloween party the weekend before the 31st. This was our first time dressing up as a family and it was so much fun! Last year, when I was trying to come up with a Halloween costume for Liv, I started brain storming what costumes would be perfect for her little blonde curls. There are basically a million things that go perfectly with blonde curls so I now have her next 5 years of costumes pre-planned; however, as she gets older and more and more opinionated I think my plans will go out the window and hers will start taking their own form. Anyway, back to the story.... when I thought of Goldilocks I realized that the costume could extend to Brady and I (and at the time I was pregnant and knew it but no one else did) and a little baby! So I've known for a year that these would be our family costumes this year. I'm just thankful to Kaity for hosting a Halloween Party so that we could actually dress up ;) I don't think I could have convinced B to dress up if it was just us going around trick or treating on Halloween night.

Side story: Olivia's dress- Are you dying over that perfect German dirndle dress?! You should be if you're not. It is literally from Austria. B's family spent a Christmas in Germany and Austria the year before we started dating. While there, B's mom had him and his older brother pick out Dirndle dresses for their future daughters! Funny thing is that they both had daughters as their first born. I have the best Mother in law. Seriously! I died when she brought this dress out for us recently (when she was here for Scarlett's birth). Another funny thing is that B and I were friends when his family went on that vacation, and I distinctly remember him leaving because he gave me a hug before that Christmas break and I thought it was weird because he had never hugged me before, haha! There was actually a group of us and he hugged all of us, but he hugged me for a longer time and I was thinking "am I the only one noticing that he's still hugging me?". Pretty funny memories :)

This was the cutest party! I just wish I would have gotten pictures of everyone else's costumes. Our hosts, The Zollinger's, were Mitt and Ann Romney, The Hales' were a family of superheros, there were witches, rockstars, eggs and bacon, and that was just the adults.

I only have pictures of the treats table, there were a million more food items in the kitchen that I didn't even get a photo of like mummy dogs, nachos, scones, soups, and more! I honestly don't know how Kaity does it.

There was a pumpkin carving contest (yes, the Romney's bought everyone their own pumpkin), a pinata for the kiddies, and a photo booth. We had so much fun hanging out with friends and devouring food :)

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.
I made matching pink bows for Liv, Scarlett, and me, but Scarlett's kept falling off.

Seriously, that dress! And that girl inside the dress is pretty amazing too :)

Just had to include this as proof of Olivia's dramatics. She was hysterical because B picked her up. I never knew doing the tiniest thing not to her liking would result in full blown waterworks and hysteria, but that is the case all too often these days.
B set her down and life was totally fine again. Well maybe only halfway fine. She only has half a smile.

Sweet Liv was having fun swinging outside with all the kids while the adults were inside hanging out , but I think she got hit  and then decided to stay near us for the rest of the evening. She was really well behaved, and went upstairs and had the whole play room to herself for awhile. Perfect for miss independent.

She's the cutest thing. She went and sat on that bench all on her own, and started pulling books from the book shelf and reading to herself.

This was another festive/scary table. There was a little bowl of candy corn on the side and Liv saw it and started smiling. At one point in the night she was hiding under that table, haha! I'm sure she was sneaking candy corns all night :)

Photo Booth

Gracie, Scarlett (5 mo), Olivia (3)

Me & Scarlett, Kaitlyn, Camilla, and Jen
Scarlett's poor bow


Pumpkin Judging

Focus on the cute baby bear and not my bear hat hair.

Ann and Mitt giving out prizes for pumpkins

We won "most surprised pumpkin" and these glasses are our trophy :)

Olivia would NOT let me get a pic of her in the glasses, so this was the only one I could sneak.
She happened to be coughing at the exact moment I snapped it.

I tried one more time to sneak a pic of her in the glasses because seriously, she was so cute in them and she liked wearing them, but it came out blurry.
Not meant to be I guess.

So much fun! Thanks Andy and Kaity!


Cate said...

I am dying over your costumes our little family needs yo pick it up about ten notches next Halloween!

Anonymous said...

There isn't anything I don't LOVE about this post!!! The costumes, the party, the food tables. Cute Livy looking like Goldilocks sitting on the bench reading books. Scarlett looking right at me with her little bear face. Taryn in the photo booth with kids and friends. Brady digging into the pumpkin like he was a Dr. already.
Seriously adorable.
So happy you love the dress. We cherished your little princesses even before they were here :)
Love, love, love you all!

Gma Debi :)

Anonymous said...

Oh and the hugging memory haha, Olivia hiding under the snack table and "snitching" treats, and again, that little Scarlett looking right at Gma like a little kissable bear cub!

Thanks for the sweet compliment too :)

Kris and Megan said...

Oh my goodness, yes, adorable costumes!! Olivia is sooo cute!! Okay, can I just say, that if it's the same AT Still University that it is RIGHT NEXT TO OUR NEIGHBORHOOD?!!?!? Like you could live in our ward and we could hang out, and it was just be a few minutes away for Brady?!? Hmmmm what else to convince you... We have a cafe rio, 3 new temples being built (lots of GA action?! haha) palm trees AND mountains? 6 hours from So. CA? High pay for doctors in the ER?? I will keep thinking so you will want to move here. By us. So we can be bffs. :)

taryn said...

Meg! That would be SO fun!!! We are definitely having a difficult time deciding. First brady needs to get a little more info from the schools so can see which is the best for him and then I will decide which state is the best for me and the girls and we'll decide from there :) I know more people in AZ than the other places, the only negative thing is that we'd only be in AZ for 10 months and then have to move again. The other schools keep you in the same place for 4 yrs which is more appealing when you have a family and are looking to settle in. If we weren't going to have to move from AZ so quickly it would be already decided and we'd go there! Unfortunately there is more to consider, which I know you know I'm just giving you some background info :)