Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Scarlett: 6 months

  • Puts everything in her mouth
  • Drooly as can be (ie teething)
  • Scoots all over by a combination of rolling and kicking her legs like crazy
  • It is the cutest thing to watch her chunky legs kicking SOO hard
  • She is the happiest girl ever! When I go in to get her from her nap, I start singing and when she sees me her little whines turn into smiles and her chunker legs start kicking. Its seriously to die for.
  • Such an angel. She will sit and entertain herself for 20 minutes sometimes.
  • Takes 2 good naps (usually 10 and 2) and sometimes a short 3rd nap at 5 or 6.
  • Loves to have a toy to hold and chew on
  • Discovered her hands. Loves to stare at them.
  • sz 2 diapers
  • can wear some 3 month clothing (not a lot) but can now fit in some 6 month clothes as well.
  • SO close to cutting the lower two front teeth! which also means teething (boo)
  • LOVES kisses on her cheeks and neck. She smiles when anyone kisses her chubby little neck, and when Brady kisses her cheeks she relaxes and closes her eyes like its so soothing she'll fall asleep :)
  • Just simply a good girl. We are seriously in LOVE with this little thing.

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