Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Feast

Olivia had her Thanksgiving Feast at school the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. 
Everyone brought something to share (we shared pb&j squares) and they dressed like turkeys :) I about died when I saw her come out in that turkey headband! How do they get her to wear this stuff?! I'm glad she is so good for her teachers! I doubt I could get her to wear that at home :)

It was cute to see them 'holding their shapes'. Olivia told us that they sing this song 'hold your shape til we get to the gate' when they go anywhere out of the classroom. She LOVES songs and makes up her own all the time, so this is perfect for her.

They had a good assortment of items but all she would eat were the goldfish, two cheetos, and the brownie (in fact she asked for another one). We like to be really healthy.

Scarlett was an absolute doll and everyone wanted to talk to her because she has such a sweet angelic face. Olivia smothers her with love and kisses, and unlike most babies, Scarlett doesn't mind at all! She just takes all the love anyone gives to her and rarely cries at the smothering by all of us!

We had SO much fun going to the first event of Olivia's preschool life! It was really nice to see how much Olivia really loves her teacher. When we asked if Liv wanted to take a picture with Mrs. Finley she was not hesitant at all, and gave her a huge hug, AND smiled AND looked at the camera!!! She just might be getting over her camera shyness (yay!). We are so proud of what a good girl you are Olivia!

Be still my heart

While there, I started to think of all that we have to be thankful, and at the top of the list is our little family of four. 
I am thankful that Olivia and Scarlett get along so well right now. 
I am thankful that we all have so much fun together. 
I am very thankful to have a kind, loving, and thoughtful husband who is very present and active in  our girls lives. 
I am just so grateful.
I don't know what I did to deserve two of the most beautiful girls the world has ever seen and a loyal and loving husband, but I thank my Heavenly Father for them everyday.

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