Sunday, December 16, 2012


Here's a peek at our December so far
...from Brady and me...

1) Can you even handle all the cuteness? I can't. 2) Book advent! 25 days of Christmas books! 3) Winters here are awesome. 75 degrees of awesome. 4) Northpark puppet show! 5) Lettie being a happy girl even though she's sick 6/7) ward Christmas party! Liv was soooo cute with Santa. Turns out, all she wants for Christmas is a sucker 6) Liv has five toothbrushes 7) Bier steins at the Christkindl Market 8) Girls holding hands all on their own. This was just after we heard about the tragic shooting in Connecticut 9) This is how Liv set up her magnetic nativity 10) Impromptu picnic when we came home from Trader Joes to a house full of smoke 11) Finally!!! The girls see NP Santa and I can stop dressing them in the same outfits for days on end :)  


Carrie said...

ah! don't you just love christmastime? we're doing the book advent too! with a craft for every book. it's fun. love the santa pics! the girls did good with him! penelope did NOT like santa.

Anonymous said...

You guys make me sooo happy. You bring so much peace to our lives. Love you all clear down in Texas.
Keep sharing your lives with us. We love it!!!

Love, Gma and Pops :)