Wednesday, December 5, 2012


My parents booked a week stay at Tanglewood Resort in Postborro, TX (by Lake Texoma) for our family! The Grants went up for the weekend. We got to hang out with them for awhile on Sunday before they left that evening, and then we stayed for a few days during the week. 

The first day we went to Eisenhower State Park (right after Brady and I had gone running, hence the workout clothes) and had a picnic. Then we walked down to the Lake. It was gorgeous, and Olivia was in heaven! Seeing the sand everywhere and waves caused her to immediately take off all her clothes so she could go swimming. Luckily I had her suit, even though I knew she wouldn't be going swimming since the water was too cold.

blurry pic, but these two are in love

so are they

Scarlett is in awe of this thing called her hand :)

Brady hiked over the rocks to the big cave...

...while sat down and buried my feet in the sand

B carved this in the sand cave

B would throw a giant rock into the water so Liv could see it splash...

...then she wanted to try. Do you see her tiny rock? It didn't get far enough to make it in the water :)

Ready to go back to our room for a nap! She wasn't too happy about leaving the beautiful Lake.

More random photos from the area...


Laura Beth said...

All such beautiful photos and I love all photos of your kids. That one of Scarlett and her hand kills me. Your blog updates are some of my faves and I hope to someday be as pretty as you, even in work out clothes!!

Brooke and Ryan Steed said...

Looks like fun! I grew up right close to there in a town called Sherman! I've been to Tanglewood several times!

Anonymous said...

So have a "good eye" Tare. Keep that camera handy!
Love ya,
Debi Doooooo