Monday, December 31, 2012


Here are the grams from the 2nd half of December:

1) Lettie got her bottom 2 teethies! 2) Preschool "gifts"- teacher gifts were apple dip in a glass jar and apples, then we also made juice boxes for all the kids to have at the party 3) Liv's Christmas party at preschool {she got chicken nuggs!} 4) Liv's Christmas present to us. Oh my goodness, I'm laughing and crying at the same time. Its so adorable and funny. I absolutely LOVE it! 5) The next morning she woke up and wanted to play with the Fisher Price Nativity. It was early and semi dark, the tree was sparkling in the background, and it just felt good and happy and everything the Christmas season should be 6) She laid down and I wanted to get another pic, so I asked her to turn on the music thinking it would get her face in the frame of the pic, but she proudly said, "I can do it with my foot!" 7) Scarlett got her first {double} ear infection :( 8) In the wee hours of Christmas morning 9) It was magical 10) My parents are taking our entire family on a Disney Cruise!!! 11) A white Christmas in TX!!! #Christmasmiracle 12) Me and Liv playing in the snow 13) Merry Christmas from Liv and her baby snowman 14) The sweetest baby 15) Why is she crying? 16-17) Wisdom teeth removal by my awesome brother 18) Sweet cuddly Bella holding Scarlett 19) Recovery. Nauseous. 20) Playing with C-mas presents 21) Boys will be boys. Remote control helicopter = his favorite C-mas present 22) Holding the whole world on my lap 23) This naughty baby is growing too fast. Officially mobile.  24-25) Caught a 24-hr stomach virus on New Year's Eve. And B had the beginnings of the flu. Party hard.

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