Sunday, January 13, 2013

She's a sunbeam

Just if you were wondering.
Today was her first day to go to her big girl church class. 
No more "toys and kids"- what we lovingly called nursery.
Now its "church school"- what she lovingly is calling Sunbeams :)
I walked her to the big primary room. There were rows of chairs, and she let go of my hand and sat down. No tears, no tantrums. And I walked away. I walked down the hall, chatted with my Mom, and then I walked all the way back to the Primary room because I just had to see that big girl one more time. She was sitting in her chair, but now there were lots of kids all around. All of them were sitting so still, except Liv. She was wiggly squirmy in her chair. I just stood there and stared and stared. She didn't see me. I almost took a picture, but I ran into a friend and started chatting. When we were done I was still just standing there looking into the room, and then someone closed the door and I couldn't see anymore. And I felt weird and awkward for still just standing there. I had to consciously make myself leave. She's a big girl and I'm proud of her.

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