Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Scarlett's middle name is Emma, so I sometimes call her Scarlett-ems 
(she has lots of nick names these days)

I have been so sporadic with blogging. If its not one thing its another (I don't have time, Blogger is telling me I don't have any more space for pics, I haven't uploaded pics to the computer yet, I'd rather relax and cuddle up to Brady, etc, etc, etc), so for now I will use iphone pics because I have no excuses not to. I have probably 10 posts written and waiting for pics from the big camera to be added but its just taking way too long, so instead of not posting at all until I can catch up, I decided to {at the very least} give a little snapshot of what we're up to. I don't want to let so much time pass that I can't remember my little ones as they are right now. I am reminded all the time that each day with your children is a gift and I can't let these gifts be forgotten.

So, here's a {snapshot} of Scarlett-ems at 6 1/2 months 
(and yes I have been keeping up with her monthly posts, I just haven't been able to get the pics onto the posts and so I haven't posted them)

I can't say it enough. Scarlett is the sweetest baby you'll meet! To us she is an angel sent straight from heaven! She was meant to be part of this family to calm everyone down. She smiles and goo's and just loves everyone so much. Strangers and family alike, if you catch her when she's not tired she'll smile herself into your heart.
Oh Scarlett, I'll eat you up I love you so!

This big girl has popped a tooth! (mandibular right central incisor)

This is a funny pic, but can you see the little tooth?

Olivia took all of the pictures below while I was sitting behind Scarlett (you can see my jeans in the background). They are in absolute love with each other. I hope it is always that way! It is so much fun to see these pictures and see how much Scarlett LOVES her big sis! And every time Scooter (as Liv calls her) laughs at her big sister's jokes (which are things like yelling Boo in her face) Olivia is on cloud nine. They are the best of friends.

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Anonymous said...

Gosh this makes me miss you guys so much! I love this post. Scarlett and Olivia are little dollies straight from Heaven!
Glad you documented Scar's changing eyes. You can see the blue and the brown.
Love to you all!!!
Gma Debi from Camp Cora in sunny AZ