Sunday, January 13, 2013

8 months

  • if I put a toy just out of her reach, she will scoot up to by an army crawl {as of Dec 31 she is completely mobile. She is an inch worm. I need to get a video of her adorable crawling method}
  • she got her first ear infection :(
  • 2 teeth!
  • 16.9 lbs {in Dec}
  • gets up on hands and knees
  • so fun and interactive
  • giggles at just about everything
  • will reach and lean to whoever she wants to hold her
  • we call her squirmy wormy because she is sooo wiggly when you hold her on your lap. I have to admit this makes me a little sad because I feel like all the sudden she's not a baby anymore. She is on the go and too busy to let me just sit and hold her now.
  • sitting up all by herself (not hunched over)
  • so hard to eat with her on my lap, she will grab anything she can see. Trys to pull my plates off the table :)
  • LOVES kisses!!! When I kiss her tiny little arm she smiles and giggles. When we kiss her cheek or neck she giggles too! Seriously its the cutest thing ever!

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Debi said...

Aha...just found these sweet pictures! Hello beautiful girl. I cannot believe you are growing up so very fast.
Pops and I love you very much!
Gma Debi :)