Monday, January 28, 2013

Our little convos {Liv}

I really worry about her hearing sometimes. Besides the usual 'selective hearing' that comes with this age, it seems like she is constantly hearing what I say wrong. Maybe this is another form of selective hearing? Here are some examples:

Liv was playing with my stethoscope...
T: Can you hear my heart go boom boom?
L: yes, I can hear poo poo

T: You can have noodles
L: eyebrows go up and furiously nodding "I can have streusels"

L: Mama! Look what I found!
T: Cool! A big spoon! What are you going to use it for?
L: I don't want music.

T: This is a placemat so you can put your plate on it.
L: Yeah! Play doh!

T: Do you want to swing?
L: Huh?
T: Do you want to go swinging outside?
L: Yeah! Swimming! (it was the middle of december)

She's not the most adventurous when it comes to eating, so I often have to negotiate with her just to make sure she's getting something of substance.
L: May I have some goldfishies please? (she hardly ever speaks that politely. that's how you know she realllly wants something)
T: Um, you can have 2 bites of turkey and then you may have some goldfishies.
L: 2 bites of toclate (chocolate)?
T: nice try.

Other funny convos:
L: I need more pretzels please.
I put 2 more pretzels in her bowl
L: (angry face) I need MORE.
T: Eat those first, it might be time for bed by the time your finished.
L: (starts huffing and puffing like she's about to cry)
T: If you cry, its going to be bed time right now. Understand?
L: Ah, fooey!
*Been watching a lot of Donald Duck lately :)

She got a Hello Kitty "color it yourself" messenger bag for Christmas. She was coloring it, and it intrigued me as well. I wanted in on the action.
T: Liv, can mama color too?
L: Um, no. I don't sink (think) so.
I just sat next to her and watched. I really wanted her to switch colors because she was just coloring everything blue, so I picked up the pink marker and opened it.
T: Can I just color one thing? I just want to color that bow pink.
L: No Mama. Put it down. Put the lid back on.
T: Are you sure you don't want to share with Mama?
L: No. You could play another game though! Let me help you find another game.
*Hahaha! What a sweetheart. She was treating me exactly as I treat her when she tries to take something from other kids!

When I was putting her to bed, I was about to walk out and then she all the sudden has a burning secret she must tell me immediately (she seems to have a secret every night). She just whispered a bunch of nonsense words in my ear mixed with real things like "don't get out of bed" and "mama going night night, dada going night night, scooter going night night, etc)
Then she pointed to one of my arms and said "this arm's tired" and then pointing to the other arm "that arm's tired" "your nose is tired, that eye's tired, and that eye's tired, and those things are tired" She was pointing to my eye brows.
T: What are those?
L: Just things. They look like snakes.
Hahahaha! Maybe its time to pluck?

This was after her Christmas program at school (which I so need to get the video of her dancing to jingle bells on here):
T: Did you have fun today Liv?!
L: Yeah!
T: What did you do at school today?
L: Um, I go to school and I shake my bum, shake my bum, shake my bum.


Kendra said...

Ha ha! So cute! I love the shake the bum said over and over. I'm also glad to see you have to resort to bribery to get her to eat. And that you have the "If you do (fill in the blank) you'll go to bed." Sigh. This age is so fun and hilarious, yet so exhausting too!

Debi said...

Oh my goodness...that kid!!! Keep writing this all down. Her dad was hilarious too but I didn't write it all down and now I can't remember specifics :)
Debi :)