Sunday, January 27, 2013

Scarlett's bow

At 8.5 months, this baby's hair is finally barely long enough for a bow!
It seems to be growing on top and in the back, but not so much on the sides. I can put that bow right on the top of her head, but there's not quite enough for it to grab onto on the side.
I snapped some pics of this momentous occasion in a girl's life, but I don't think we'll be saying goodbye to headbands just yet :) 
I couldn't pick just one. She's too cute.

And here she is modeling a more serious look:


Carrie said...

yea for bows! it's hard waiting for their hair to grow! penelope has enough hair for bows, but now i'm growing impatient to be able to REALLY style it. you know? like curling/waving it. poor thing has my really fine hair though, so i'm not sure how manageable it'll be.

i see so much resemblance to livy in these photos! i haven't seen much of that until now. i always think they look so different.

taryn said...

They look A LOT alike! I was just looking through old pics and realized it. People always say Scarlett looks like Brady, which means she must also look like Olivia :) I always tell myself she looks like me, but maybe its just her coloring that looks like me. It will be fun to see her grow!

I'm excited for Scarlett's hair to grow long enough to style too, since she has straight hair. Olivia's pretty much can't be styled (I'm not willing to straighten it until she's 12).

Kathleen McDonald said...

I can see a resemblance to Liv in these too, but I still see you Tar...dont give up hope! What a baby doll....beautiful!
Good luck with the hair...Jenica's didnt come in until she was three...and she has got the head full:)

Anonymous said...

This precious little princess looks just like you Taryn. Don't kid your self. Haven't we got the most gorgeous little girls!?
I am very impressed with all that hair she has grown. Go Scarlett go.
I hope she feel well soon!
Gma Debi

Scottie and Angie said...

Love it! So fun when you can put the bow on:) I am a fan of the head bands still too:) I have been meaning to call so we can chat. It's been far to long, and I miss you. I hope you are all doing well. Love ya and miss you.

Tyler + Zahara said...

Ha she is a doll! I die over the serious poses