Monday, January 21, 2013

Sweet Potatoes

My heart beats for this girl.

B has been away since Wednesday for a fun trip visiting family before med school starts! Things will be getting busy for us in March. We'll make our final decision on where we're going, and then have to start looking at where to live etc. We're planning on moving in June, and we are also hoping to get to go to a family reunion with B's family in June, but things might be too busy. So he jumped at the opportunity to go now!

We missed him while he was gone. Me especially. Yes, I was exhausted, but I love my girls to pieces. Sunday was probably the hardest day. Liv woke up with pink eye and I felt like hitting my head against the wall because I had hoped we were done being sick for awhile. No dice. Just to put things into perspective, this is the 4th straight Sunday that I've stayed home from church because one of the girls or I myself have been sick. I thought maybe we could at least go to Sacrament and then leave so that Liv wouldnt get anyone else sick. I got Scarlett ready, and then I was trying to get myself ready. Scarlett was crying and crying. I was working up a sweat trying to get dressed as fast as possible so I could go help her. The thought came to my mind that she was tired and needed to go down for a nap 30 minutes earlier than normal since she woke up earlier that morning. I put her down with the intention of finishing getting me and Liv ready, but then I realized that by the time I got both of us ready and woke Scarlett up to leave, we would have been 30 minutes late to Sacrament. I just felt defeated and gave up. I need to be more organized, however in my defense I was also exhausted. This was my 5th day being alone. I traded getting things ready on Saturday night for sleep. I can't honestly say that I regret that decision either :)

Today Scarlett slept later than usual (we seem to be having some trouble getting back into a schedule after being sick), and when I went in to get her at 10am she had pooped all over. I stripped her down, changed her dipe, didn't bother with a bib, and let her go crazy with the sweet potatoes. While  I was feeding Scar, Liv was "washing her hands" behind me (I just chose not to look, but I could hear lots of splashing, pouring, and talking to herself). Even though Scarlett was a mess, and Liv made a mess, I felt happy. I snapped the pic of Scarlett looking messy and satisfied just after she had finished off all of the sweet potatoes and then stuck both girls in the tub together. Life is good! 

And Brady's home now, so life is even better!


Kendra said...

What a wonderful positive outlook you have. Days like those just wear me out. And it sounds all too familiar. Also, give yourself a break about church. We've been in the same boat, but I figure that The Lord knows our hearts and we need to take care of little ones. It is frustrating when you realize how many Sundays you've missed in a row (or even in a year for that matter!)

Leandra said...

I just got freaked out about you moving and getting busy and we'll never have seen you or met Scarlett! Can we get together before everything gets too nuts? Jesse's sched is usually pretty open on Friday's and Saturdays. Are there any weekends that would work well for you guys? We could go to the Arb or anywhere really!

taryn said...

@Leandra Yes! Fridays are usually great for us! I'll talk to B and get it figured out!