Friday, February 15, 2013

Some vids and Scarlett's nick names

Some videos from the past little while:

1. Liv loves to sing. This is one of her faves.
2. Both my poor babes got what we called "goopy eye" because turns out it wasn't actually "pink eye" but there was goop involved. What a sweetheart Liv is to have such a great attitude about her eyes. She would come in our room after nap or nighttime and just calmly ask us to help her clean her eye off so she could open it again.
3. Scarlett's "inch worm"! 

Liv has called Scarlett "scooter" since probably a few days after we brought her home from the hospital. I called her that a few times, and it just totally stuck for Liv. When I ask Liv what her baby sister's name is she says "scooter" and when I tell her its actually Scarlett, she doesn't believe me :) She smiles and laughs and says "nooo, its scooter!"

Liv's names for Scar:
-Scooter beetle (sounds like scooter bait-le)
-baby booster

My names for Scar (among others):
-sweetest thing


Kendra said...

Cute videos! I love Liv trying to get her fingers up. Owen struggles with that too so when people ask how old he is, he just uses both his pointer fingers. :)
I didn't know there was something you could get that had goopy eye that's not pink eye. Well...besides Elsie's nasty clogged tear duct. :(
And that last video is super cute. And I'm totally impressed with your editing I know nothing about making videos, but I think it's cool you were able to speed up the video but keep the audio and a normal speed and put music over it. Nice work!

Debi said...

Well those videos are totally worth Gma checking in on your blog this morning! What a good sport both the girls are! Olivia with her sad eyes and Scooter with her "work out". I could watch Livy a million times on the song!
Love, love, love my girls :)
Gma Debi

Kathleen McDonald said...

OHHHHHHH....SWEETNESS! I LOVE Liv's little voice and giggle...Brady, how fun to hear you in the background. It hurt my heart just a touch because I miss you and Tar so much. I havent even squeezed little "Scooter" yet! I laughed out loud watching her inch worm around. Only your kids would be coerced by a mac book pro instead of a toy...HA HA HA.
Liv...facetime me sometime...I miss you little lady
Hugs to all!
Your favie aunt Kath:)

BradyH said...

We miss you too Kathleen! And your fam :) Hopefully we get out to Utah here and there over the years...Love you!!!

Monica Harker said...

Loved these!!

Kris and Megan said...

scooter is the cutest nickname ever!! I love it!! miss you taryn!!