Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cupcake date

Scarlett has a boyfriend and his name is Blake :)

Lucky for me Blake's mom is my friend! And she is the sweetest and invited me and both girls over for a cupcake date. A relative of hers invented these cool edible cupcake liners! So we had to test them out!

Olivia didn't get it and refused to bite into the liner :) She made me take her green liner off.

I liked them! It was kind of funny to bite into the cupcake without taking the "paper" off, but I didn't taste a difference and there was less crumbly mess since the lining was still on. Plus, can we say eco-friendly?! I would totally buy them if they were in the supermarket, and I would totally eat them if say somewhere like Sprinkles or Sweet Tooth Fairy were to use them on their cupcakes :) Just sayin :)

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