Friday, March 22, 2013

Dallas Blooms {Arboretum}

Olivia, Scarlett, and I decided to join some friends of ours at the arboretum. This was my first time making a big(ish) outing with both girls by myself. For starters, we were waaay late, but it turned out okay because my friends are easy going, and because we got to grab a pic with the Easter Bunny!

It was a really busy day, there was a line of cars down the road just to get into the parking lot, I had to park further than I've ever parked in my life at the arboretum, push Olivia in the umbrella stroller through gravel while holding Scarlett in the bjorn just to make the trek from the parking lot to the entrance, then there was a line at the entrance to get in.\
While we were in line we could see the Easter Bunny's two white ears, and Olivia was getting really excited to meet him!

Yes, there was yet another line for this, but it was pretty short and went really fast!
And look how happy my girl was! Scarlett didn't seem too think to much of it.

It was so gorgeous! All the cherry blossoms were in bloom, and there were tulips everywhere. Unfortunately I didnt have the right settings on my camera and many of the scenery pics are blurry, but you can still get a glimpse.

Scarlett was an angel and just sat in that stroller, quiet as a mouse and taking everything in. Thank goodness Olivia decided to walk- and sometimes hitched a ride on the front of Leslie's nice stroller.

Olivia was actually asking me to take pics of her and Scarlett!

She loved playing in the covered wagons and pioneer houses with friends.

Cindy and I went and took a couple pics in the tulips, but again my settings weren't perfect, and by the time I got them there I was only fast enough to catch one pic of Liv kissing Etta.

Even my camera settings weren't great, In the end I felt it was a successful first solo trip with me and the girls!

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Laura Beth said...

I want to go here. I would die of all the beauty!