Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Treats, Egg Hunt, Coloring Eggs

We made some bird's nest with chocolate/peanut butter covered chow mein noodles and of cours Cadbury Eggs :)

We also had fun at an Egg Hunt with friends from church! Olivia was having the hardest time waiting for all the kids to be ready to hunt the eggs because she could already see them scattered around the playground. I couldn't stop her! She started about 5 minutes before all the other kids. Whoops! There was a 12 egg limit so I just had her count out her most favorite 12 eggs and then I re-hid the rest for the other kiddos who were still hunting. Unfortunately it was freezing that day, so we all hurried and let the kids hunt for the eggs and then everyone went over to McD's so let the kids play indoors. As you can see she was very proud of her haul!

Coloring eggs!
We decided to paint eggs this year with watercolors. I figured that since Liv loves to paint that this would be much more fun that setting an egg in some dye solution and waiting forever.
She loved this! 

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