Saturday, March 30, 2013

Helicopter Egg Drop

A friend from church emailed the night before this event to tell everyone about it. I decided we should check it out, and Olivia was suuuuuuper excited about it! The suspense was epic, she was squeeling with excitement and even grabbed my face with both her hands to scream with excitement at me. It was hilarious and adorable! We forgot our big camera so we don't have awesome pics. Iphone pics will have to do.

The only sad/bad thing that happened was that they told everyone that parents were not allowed to go out with their kids. They said it over and over a million times. Liv was chomping at the bit to get out there once she saw the eggs falling from the helicopter so when they gave the all clear she ran her little heart out as fast as her legs would take her to the giant pile of eggs, while B and I watched and waited like all the other good parents. Then all the sudden stupid parents started going out with their kids and totally filled up the entire field so we couldn't see our sweet girl anymore. I'm sure something like this has happened to everyone, but its really annoying when you're trying to follow rules and then no one else does and your kids gets punished because of it. I finally went out to go find Olivia somewhere in the huge crowd, and came upon her standing still holding her basket in one hand and crying and yelling Mama :( Broke my heart. You jerks! Just follow the rules! She still talks to this day about how Mama wasn't there and she was crying all alone. I've told her that mommy would never ever leave her and that I will always come and find her if she ever gets lost, but it still breaks my heart that she thought I had just left her out there all alone.

I was happy they had bounce houses so that we could end on a really happy note. She loves those things!

This was just the beginning of parents starting to go out with their kids. We were all yelling "No Parents", but then it just got crazy after that.

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