Friday, March 8, 2013


After the cruise we had some big things coming up right away! The next week Brady had his interview at OSU, and then the day after that he and I flew to Indiana for the accepted student preview. We were both looking forward to this for many reasons. He wanted to see if this school that had impressed him originally would still be impressive after having interviewed at some larger, more established schools. I just wanted to see if I could picture our family living there and the general 'feel' of the place.

After getting checked into our hotel, B drove me to the school and we saw this cute sign welcoming us! It was fun to have this mini getaway with just the two of us. It may not be Hawaii or Mexico, but as long as we're together we have so much fun! We enjoyed sleeping in, exploring the city, seeing the huge children's museum and Lucas Oil Stadium where the Colts play, eating at a local cajun diner, and meeting our possible realtor. In addition to checking out the school we wanted to see neighborhoods and surrounding areas of Indianapolis to see if and where exactly we would move. It was fun to look at houses. Fun is an understatement. It was exciting and crazy to think we could be moving into our very own house?! Could that be a reality? I want a house so bad. I'm so ready to have something that is our own.

On Saturday we went to the accepted student preview. It was very special for me to see Brady there because I could see the excitement in his eyes. The top pic in the collage below is when the Chief of Medicine at one of the teaching hospitals had Brady stand so he could talk about when he interviewed Brady, and how Brady had gotten him excited about the future of medicine. Very proud wife moment!
Quick story for anyone wondering why I'm in the back of the room and able to take this pic. I was sitting next to Brady the whole time, but I slipped out to go to the bathroom and then ran to car to get my phone (because I accidentally left it in there), and when I walked back in I decided to stand in the back so as not to distract from the speaker. Next thing I knew the speaker was asking B to stand and said those really nice things about him! I was so happy that A) I made it back just in the nick of time to see and hear the whole thing B) Had my phone to take a pic and C) was standing in the back so I could get a pic at all!

After we had eaten a delicious lunch (including that red velvet cupcake) had some Q and A, and heard from some of the faculty and Doctors in the area, we took a tour of the brand new (and at the time not totally finished) Michael Evans Medical Center!

I could tell Brady was really impressed by the building and how high tech everything was. When it is completed, it will be the most technologically advanced medical school in the U.S. I knew that was speaking to his little techy heart.

We went to dinner in the city with a few friends afterward, and explored. It is definitely a smaller city than say, Dallas, however I really enjoyed it. I was feeling like I might like the quaintness of this super clean and safe feeling city. Like I would actually be able to drive "in the city" without breaking out in a sweat. It was really easy to get around, and the star of the entire city (at least in my heart) is that Chocolate cake pictured below that we randomly got as we randomly (semi-randomly, I mean how likely is it when you see a shop called "Chocolate Cafe" that you're not going to go in there) stumbled into this cafe. I'm salivating just thinking of that place.

The next morning we went to walk on the Canal Walk in downtown Indy. It was a gorgeous overcast day, and not even cold enough for a coat! That made my heart happy. Even though I know it will be a whole lot colder than that, I felt like it was just a little "welcome" sign for me :)

And even though we had slept in just about every day, I had huge bags under my eyes, so that should explain the pic of me covering them up with my fingers, while Brady was taking a sweet pic of us together. And then when we got back to the hotel we ordered a pizza and what to wondering eyes did appear, but some fancy shmancy hawaiian pizza with cinnamon and slivered almonds sprinkled amongst my beloved pineapple! Indiana knows how to do food.

 We took one more day to look at neighborhoods and houses, and eat at Steak n Shake (holy salted caramel pretzel milkshake I will gain 80 lbs if I move here). While on our little vacay we also saw 2 movies (Les Miserables and Oz the great and powerful in 3D) which was really so fun to do since we didn't have to worry about kids and babysitters :) And then it was home again home again, to our adorable goose girls!

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Kathleen McDonald said...

Brady...I was thinking about you as a Dr. and I got teary thinking of your amazing personality and how you will have an indredible bedside manner. You are calm, brilliant and a quick thinker, which will be amazing when you diagnose and treat, and you are always excited to look for new things. Being a mom who had a child that grew up midst many doctors, there are some we will never forget due to the very traits and talents I know you have. I get teary thinking of the difference you will make. rock at being his support and wife while maintaining your amazing style and identity. I know you dont feel like you do on the days where it's a Bun/sweat day, but you are still raising those beautiful daughters with love, happiness and grace, and I still se your beautiful sense of self.
I am proud of you both, you know that?
LOVE.Love.LOVE~ Aunt Kath