Saturday, April 27, 2013

A make shift pool

My sweet Dad graciously watched the girls for us so we could go on our little lunch date. 
They were not just sitting around though!
He took them to buy a new sandbox and had the seriously brilliant idea to turn the old sandbox into a kiddie pool! 

Olivia would go all the way back to the end of the yard and then run and jump into the pool.
The girls LOVED it.

Sister hugs!

It was literally all fun and games until somebody got hurt. In our case both girls. Olivia tripped on the edge of the pool and flew into Scarlett :( 
Kind of hilarious (especially since earlier in the same day she had jumped on the end of a shovel and the wooden handle came up and hit her in the head) but also very sad.
Even with that said, I know the girls are going to have many fun filled water days ahead!

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Debi said...

Love these pictures, love the stories and LOVE THESE GIRLS!!!

Love, GMA Debi :)