Saturday, April 27, 2013


First of all, can you handle those pig-tails?! The cutest things ever.

The Hales had a bonfire in their backyard. We brought some tinfoil dinners, the kids had hot dogs, and then of course there were S'mores!

I was thinking while I was there and looking out at the beautiful field of how special this house, land, and family were to me growing up and how special it is that my own children get to experience some of the same fun things that I did. I remember going down to the tree house and swinging on the swing that used to be down there, riding their horse in the meadow, going to 'achievement days' with Sister Fluke, wedding receptions, playing capture the flag, and of course many nights spent there with both our families just having so much fun together (bb-guns, trampolines, and guitars were involved). This was like a second home to me as a child. Our families were best friends and still remain close to this day.
I know my girls are young and probably won't really remember, but it is still pretty neat.

Scarlett had her first taste of Lemonade and spit it right out the first time. Then dove back in for more! She was literally trying to pry the cup out of my hands. 
I had my first Reese's S'more and I don't know if I'll ever go back to plain chocolate.


Kathleen McDonald said...

I'm in LOVE with the piggies!

Danee said...

Cool idea for a summer dinner! I want to try this.