Tuesday, April 30, 2013

In the Air Force

This may come as a surprise/shock to some, but we joined the Air Force! 
Out of thousands that applied Brady was among under 200 people who were selected for the HPSP scholarship through the Air Force.
He will be a Commissioned Officer in the Air Force once he is done with school, and in the meantime they will be picking up the bill(s) for his tuition/books/flights/monthly payments throughout his 4 yrs of medical school.

I know many people have very strong feelings for and/or against joining the armed forces when you have a family, but I PROMISE you we thought this through! We have been researching every detail about what this contract means for over a year {we had that extra time ;)} and have gone through all the pros and cons. In the end we don't think this would be the right choice for everyone, but after prayerful consideration we do feel it is right for our family and our situation. I am proud to have a husband who is serving our country!

His commissioning ceremony was April 1st. He is now a 2nd Lt in the Air Force and will have a few opportunities to experience military medicine during clinical rotations, but his time in the Air Force won't really begin until he is a practicing Doc and will then serve as a military Dr for 4 yrs. We are excited about the opportunities we will have as a family and could only have through the Air Force.


Christy Gunnell said...

Welcome to the Air Force!! I had no idea. You guys will like it I think. I am really enjoying the family feel of the military. Plus, at least with my interaction with officer families, you have a lot of good, Christian couples who look out for one another. Who knows if we'll stay in for 20 years, but at least these first few years we definitely have no regrets.

Christy Gunnell said...

Also, love your skirt!!! So cute and flattering!

Anonymous said...

We are so happy for you guys and proud of your decision! I think you will find it so beneficial in more ways that you imagine now!
We love you Brady and Taryn and pray for your happiness and success :)
Love ya,
Debi mom

Danee said...

So cool! I am excited for this new chapter in your guys life. It will be a neat adventure! Enjoy it :)